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This M-Charger could be the only charger you'll ever need; it can charge 99.9% of all 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v & 7.4v Lithium Ion (Li-ion) digital camera, camcorder, MP3/4 and mobile phone batteries.

It can also charge 1 or 2 AA or AAA NiCd/NiMH batteries and, via the 500mA USB port, it can also charge your mobile phone, iPod, PDA, Game Consoles and many more devices.

The central sliding contacts allow you to move them to fit the +/- terminals of most Lithium Ion batteries, removing the need for an additional charging plate depending on the battery you wish to charge. With it's intelligent micro-processor controlled charging system it automatically identifies the battery voltage and +/- polarity, which combined with the built in overload, and short circuit protection, helps to ensure that whatever battery you are charging it is kept in the best condition possible.

The UK 3-pin power supply is 100v-240v compatible, and it is also supplied with a 12v DC car lead, making this the perfect travel charger.

With a charging time of approx 2 hours per 1000mAh many digital camera and mobile phone batteries will be charged in under 2 hours, whilst 2000mAh AA batteries would take 5hrs. 


There are a very small number of Lithium Ion batteries the charger cannot charge - these are:

Where the voltage is below 3.6v or over 7.4v

Where the +/- contacts are of different sides of the battery

Where the +/- contacts are closer than 5mm

Where the max length of the battery (on +/- side) is more than 5cm