Swarovski CL Companion, CL Curio, CL Nomad, and CL Pocket binoculars

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CL COMPANION binoculars

You’ll never miss out with the new CL Companion. These elegant binoculars with impressive optics fit perfectly in your hand. They are always with you to ensure you make the most of every sighting.


See new impressions that will simply amaze you. Unique sightings that you will never forget. The moment is all yours with the incredible optics of the CL Companion.

The compact CL Companion is constantly by your side for all your discoveries. It is easy to use and provides maximum comfort. Experience nature even more intensely.

The world of the CL Companion is as individual as you are: choose from three accessory packages created to express your personal style. A phone adapter is available as an optional extra to capture these most stunning moments.

When does a hobby become a passion? When do weekend trips become weeklong stays in pursuit of something more? When does what we love to do become an expression of who we are, and when do the tools we use for discovery come to define our lifestyles?


When that moment comes in your progression as a traveller, few investments are more worthwhile than binoculars. For their size, nothing you can bring on your journey is more worth its modest weight. Highly portable, lightweight, waterproof and capable of revealing what others haven’t noticed, binoculars let you in on the potential discoveries just beyond the limits of your senses.

For more technical info, see Swarovski website.

CL Companion 8X30B - £990

"                  " 10X30B - £1005



HANDCRAFTED QUALITY! Beautiful objects still exist.

Sometimes we see something and instinctively know that it is special. Its design, proportions, and materials, how it is made, even how it smells – everything is just right! We often call such things “masterpieces,” just like the CL Companion NOMAD from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Binoculars that combine absolute precision with the ultimate in craftsmanship.

For more info, see the Swarovski website.

CL Companion Nomad 10X30B - £2130

"                              " 8X30B - £2130

CL POCKET binoculars

Outstanding optical quality, compact, and lightweight: with the CL Pocket you’ll always be ready to marvel at the wonders of nature.

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Outstanding optical quality, compact, and lightweight – the CL Pocket has everything you need to go out and discover nature.
The upgraded design of the CL Pocket means it now sits even more comfortably in your hand. Thanks to the matching bag your CL Pocket is always protected and accessible when you’re out and about.
The CL Pocket is easy to use and incredibly rugged. No matter where you are, you’ll always be ready to marvel at the wonders of nature.
For more specifications, see the Swarovski website.
CL Pocket 8X25 - £660
"            " 19X25 - £700
Swarovski CL Curio binos

The CL Curio are the lightest, most compact binoculars in their class – small, handy, and foldable. They are intuitive to use, combining excellent viewing comfort with unrivalled optical performance.


Designed by award-winning designer Marc Newson, the CL Curio stand out thanks to their clear styling. Expect the unexpected.

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7X21 £630
For full specs, see the Swarovski website.
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