Lenspen Tablet, i-pad and Smartphone screen cleaners. Pro kit

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Lenspen Screen Cleaning Kit SDK-SMK-PRO-1 for Smartphone, iPad and Tablet

You can’t use an iPad or tablet without touching the screen. Every email, wall post and tweet ads a greasy trail of fingerprints to your screen. And rubbing with a tissue or cloth doesn’t completely remove the fingerprint oil.

ScreenKlean features our new Invisible Carbon compound. The cleaning pad is larger and more robust to enable ScreenKlean to clean all the fingerprints found on the screen. ScreenKlean cleaning pads are replaceable – much like a razor and blades.
A complete tool for cleaning fingerprints from iPads and digital tablets
No cloths, tissues, liquids or sprays
Replaceable Cleaning Pad with our unique Invisible Carbon cleaning compound
Cap slides on and off to ensure Cleaning Pad is recharged with the Invisible Carbon compound after each use
Compact size – fits into your pocket or computer bag
Long life – each Cleaning Pad gives you between 150 and 250 cleanings, depending on the size of your tablet screen.
Safe to use directly on the screens of all tablets
No expiration date

Smartphone screen cleaning device
LensPen  SmartKlear Pro™  features a rugged Invisible Carbon-impregnated Cleaning Pad (half the size of a ScreenKlean Cleaning Pad). Replacement Cleaning Pads are available, sold in packages of 2.

The cap slides on and off to recharge the Invisible Carbon compound in the Cleaning Pad. No cloths, tissues or sprays. Compact sized to fit easily in a pocket or purse. Cleaning Pads have a long life – up to 300 cleanings. SmartKlear is safe to use directly on the screens on all smartphones. No expiration date.




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