Lastolite Umbrellas

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CODE: SP000469

Price: 30

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.

Choose one of our essential umbrellas for great performance at a very affordable price. From £29.99

Jumbo Umbrellas - provide progressively larger light sources, giving softer and more wrap around lighting for video, cinema and photographic lighting.

Essential umbrellas available in white translucent (5450k) or silver (5600k).

Two sizes of essential umbrellas available - 80cm (34") or 1m (40").

Jumbo umbrellas are balck/white PVC in 1.5m (60") or 2m (80") sizes.

All jumbo umbrellas come complete with clamp and sandbag.  


Full Specifications
Essential Umbrellas Light Loss Code
White Translucent 5450K - 80cm (34") -0.9f 3207
White Translucent 5450K - 1m (40") -0.7f 4507
Silver 5600K - 80cm (34") -0.18f 3203
Silver 5600K - 1m (40") -0.2f 4503
Jumbo Umbrellas Light Loss Code
Black/White 5600K - 1.5m (60")* -0.8f 5821
Black/White 5600K - 2m (80")* -0.8f 7921
*All Jumbo Umbrellas come complete with clamp and sandbag



Reversible Umbrellas

Simply take off the cover and turn over for alternative surface.


4536 Sunfire/Silver: 4750/5600K, 0.5/-1.3f, 1m, (40”)
Two highly efficient surfaces, the subtle mixture of silver on gold from Sunfire gives pleasing skin tones and the Silver offers a crisp light.

4534 Silver/Gold: 5600K/3800K, -0.6/-1.2f, 1m, (40”)
Crisp silver backed with warm gold.

4531 Silver/White: 5600K, -0.5/-0.9f, 1m, (40”) Crisp silver backed with soft white.







Reversible Umbrellas - Full Specifications
Colour Size Colour Temperature Light Loss Code
Sunfire/Silver 1m (40") 4750k/5600k -0.5/-1.3f 4536
Silver/Gold 1m (40") 5600k/3800k -0.6/-1.2f 4534
Silver/White 1m (40") 5600k/5450k -0.5/-0.9f 4531



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