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Velbon UP 400 monopod

CODE: SP001224

Price: 22

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
The Velbon UP-400 Monopod is a 4 section lightweight monopod with a 1/4 inch attachment thread that allows direct connection to most camera equipment or the attachment of a head. The UP-400 features a urethane grip for comfortable handling, even when it is very cold,...[more]

Camlink CL-CMP1 monopod/walking stick

CODE: SP001396

Price: 19

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
CMP 1 monopod / walking stick • Collapsible monopod / walking stick • Camera mount • Anti-shock system • Compass inset into handle • Wrist strap • Ergonomic handle • Standard and alpine ferrules  ...[more]

Velbon Sherpa monopod with QHD-33 ball and socket head

CODE: SP0088623

List price: 47

Price: 30

You save: 17 (36%)
Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
A sturdy aluminium monopod with a 4-section leg and easy-to-use clip locks for fast setup and closure. The included QHD-33 is a durable ball and socket head which allows flexible handling and image composition. A comfortable neoprene hand grip and non-slip foot...[more]