Tripod heads

We have various ball and socket heads, the range varies from time to time, but here's a few (July 2020):


K+F KF31.021


Metal 360 degree ball and socket head

Kood small ball and socket head


Small ball and socket head with standard thread to fit lightweight cameras etc. Weight: 100g.

Kood Mini ball and socket head


This excellent mini ball and socket head stands approx 53mm tall. It has a 1/4" thread on the bottom allowing the head to be attached to many applications, such as mini tripods, magic arms etc. It has a 1/4" screw which can screw directly into cameras, GoPro adapters and the like.

Kood large ball and socket head


Larger heavy duty ball and socket head, with standard screw fit. Also has a quick release plate. Weighs 270gms.



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Opticron Tripod Strap neoprene 54mm - code 40506

CODE: SP001403

Price: 20

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
Opticron tripod strap 54mm long Neoprene comfort strap with loop fasteners and 25mm webbing. [more]

Opticron tripod strap 40mm long code: 40505

CODE: SP001404

Price: 8

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
Opticron tripod strap 40505 A 40mm nylon tripod strap with loop fasteners.   [more]