Articles on Sheffield bird watchers

1. Martin Hodgson



I, (Jen), am dedicating some pages of the shops website to feature local bird watchers.

 I am interested in featuring anyone of any age, at whatever level of seriousness, about their binocular use.

 This is NOT a 'best photo' competition; it's about you and your love of nature viewing/bird watching. 

Please send me about 10 of your photos, with descriptions and why you like that photo in particular.

I’d like to include optional information, which is up to you if you’d want publishing, such as:

·         Age range (EG: 20-25 etc)

·         Where are you from originally?

·         Portrait of you, however you want to portray yourself.

·         Childhood influences regarding nature/birdwatching

·         Relating to birdwatching, is Sheffield missing anything in your opinion? 

·         And what is good about Sheffield regarding birding?

·         Favourite binoculars? And camera? 

·         Do you have any other birding equipment (birding scope etc)?

·         Do you want to include any social media links to you?

·         Favourite local eat out place

·         Favourite birds?

·         Member of any birding related groups?

·         Had any holidays specifically for bird watching? Where? Recommendations?

·         How are you sharing your photos? Photo album? Online only?

·         Do you do any digi-scoping? What do you use?

·         Any funny facts/experiences that have happened whilst birding that could be      included.



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