Disposable 35mm film cameras

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Availability MAY 2024

Kodak Power Flash


39 exposures


Super powerfull flash with high definition photos in any sirtuation!

Agfa LeBox 27 exposure Ocean waterproof camera



Wateproof down to 3m, and sandproof, tgis is the ultimate beach holiday accesory. Uses
400 ISO film, and has automatic flash recharge.

Kodak Fun Saver 39 exposure colour camera wih flash



For the easy way to capture indoor and outdoor memories, this Kodak Fun Flash disposable camera has a flash for shooting even in low light. The flash is manually adjusted and has a range of 1-3m. Comes with Kodak 800 speed and 39 exposure film for pictures with bright, vibrant colours.

Agfa LeBox Black and white 36 exposures camera


The camera has a built in flash, and uses Agfa 400 ISO black and white film, allowing you to take 36 photos. Great for indoor and outdoor use.


Agfa LeBox flash 27 exposures camera






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