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Sunday July 21st July 2024

The shop is open for the next hour (2pm - 3.15pm-ish), so you can drop films off for developing, as we are sending them off for processing tomorrow. It's also the 'Sharrowvale Market' event on Sharrowvale road, so there's lots going on near the shop!

Saturday 20th July 2024

Booked in more camera films and disposable cameras than expected for developing this week, so I might send them off this Saturday if I get enough in today. 

It's the 'Sharrowvale Market' day tomorrow from 11am - 4pm on Sharrowvale road, with lots of interesting stalls and a lot of local shops open too (not us, sorry).

Wednesday 17th July 2024

A 'Bridgerton Special' today:  Dearest Gentle Reader - have uploaded another page to my study of Sheffield film camera users. You can see Teigans page here. Hope you enjoy it! Thinking of branding myself as the 'Lady Whistledown' of the local film camera world lol!

Expecting lots of film scans/prints etc back on this Friday from the last lot I sent off on the 15th.

Am planning on sending the next lot of films off for developing on Monday 29th, but this may be sooner, depending on how many films come in for developing in the next week. The more we get booked in, the faster they get sent off!

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Feeling flat after Englands defeat on Sunday in the finals. Open as normal today, but wth sad staff lol.

Saturday 13th July 2024

Found an audacious spider sat on the rim of my washing-up bowl, preventing me from washing up. So decided to set the Dalek onto it!


Sending off our films and disposable cameras for developing on Monday, so if you're planning to bring one in, get it to us by 3.45pm today, and it will come back next Friday. We do scanning, emailing, printing, or combinations of these. Just ask inside the shop.

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Was in stiches this morning when looking at my 'Facebook' notifications - apparently, the gorgeous Jake Canuso, (AKA Mateo, the Spanish lecherous waiter in the 'Benidorm' comedy series), 'liked' a few of my public posts. Spot the fake Facebook profile/scammer or what?!

I remember a scene from a Benidorm episode, where mum Janis's other half, Mick, has gone temporarily missing. Mateo sees a chance to get his leg over the middle aged mum, but gets his English confused as he chats her up with the line: "You can play many a fine tune on an old piano!", to which she explodes in fury.

Well, 'Jake Canuso', this old piano is out of tune, has too many keys missing, and has been condemned to the scrap heap LOL!! 


Feeling a bit jittery this morning - not 'cos of the mind-wandering fantasies of me and Jake Canuso, but spending too much time on the Power Plate in the gym before work.

Tuesday 9th July 2023

We have a new local photographer who has shared his images and thoughts with us. See his images and read about James here. They are awesome. The images I mean. Although he might be too!

Saturday 6th July 2024

'Looking forward' to watching England vs Switzerland tonight. Or is it 'dreading' lol?

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

That moment when you agitate your protein shake drink at work but forget to close the drinking mouthpiece first..

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Why watch 'Kill Bill' when you can see a snatch of it in real life - Jude Bellingham (AKA Beatrix Kiddo), the ninja warrior of the football world, saving Englnd with that last minute incredible kick? No need for the gym that night - my bum muscles clenched throughout the painful game against Slovakia until it ended with me doing a 'zoomie' around the lounge that my dog would've been proud of!

One of our film users, Joseph, has been using a Rollie Infared film in his camera. After developing it himself, he has sent some images to me which you can see here.

Saturday 29th June 2024

Regretting buying a cocoa butter skin cream - came to work after slathering myself with this moisturising cream in the gym, and now smell like a box of chocolates. Which is making me feel hungry!

Friday 28th June 2024

That heart wrenching feeling when you decide to fiddle around in your shops website 'Admin' settings to see what happens when you untick a box.. how much damage can one missed tick cause? Answer - a lot -  eek! Fortunatly I had written down what I had been doing lol...and the blog goes on phew. 

Saturday 15th June 2024

Feeling a bit paranoid: as I left for work this morning, my son said to me : "Mum, why are you going to the shop in your pyjamas?". I think it's because I'm wearing pink...

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

I've updated my webpage of local film user Will S-W, now he has shot the roll of 35mm 'Wolfen Orwo' film I gave him recentley. You can see his resulting images here. Film available from us at £14.99 a roll of 36 pictures.

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Have updated my study of local bird watchers, starting with Martin Hodgson of the Sheffield Bird Study Group. See here.

Saturday 11th May 2024

- Want to see a few images from the new Harman 'Phoenix' 35mm film? Our film user, Joseph W, has sent me a few images which he took on his Nikon F90X. You can see them here.

The film can be bought from us at £12.99 for 36 pictures.

- Been to the gym before coming here. So hungry! Dilemma - protein shake, or cheese twists? Well, cheese is full of protein.. so I guess both then lol!


Special offer on our last pair of Opticon Natura 10X42 binoculars. RRP £389, our price £329:


10 X Magnification. Read more about them on the Opticron page.

Comes with box, case, straps and full warranty.

Saturday 4th May 2024

- One of our film users, Josh, has had a roll of Lomochrome 'Redscale' film processed by us. Interested to see what results he got? See it on his page. Like to try a roll? It's £12.99 a roll, for 36 pictures.

josh redscale

- We've got a cracking offer on our best selling binoculars, the Opticron 'Traveller' in 8X and 10X magnifications (8x32, 10x32). Come and try them out!


8x32's on offer at £329 (RRP £379)

10x32's om offer at £339 (RRP £389)

- Someone in the womens changing rooms at my gym is possibly in for a shock today; Last time I went there a few days ago, I showered,  took the wet towel home to dry outside on the washing line, then bundled it into my gym bag ready for today. Today, after my workout, I  grabbed the towel to take to the showers, but noticed a big snail attached to it -  obviously it had climbed onto it whilst out drying. I hurriedly threw the snail in the changing room bin, which is a bag open at the top, and then had an uncomfortable shower experience, wondering if I was drying myself with snail goo. At some point today it will problably crawl out to escape the deodrant fumes, and to search for something to eat. Ha! lol.

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

It's not every day that you open the shop, and before you've even had some sips of life-giving coffee to prepare you for the day ahead,  a man walks in and says: "I've come for the box of peanuts". "Peanuts? Whaaaat?" "Yeah, everyone knows you are giving away a big box of peanuts". "Have you got the right shop?" "You are the photo shop aren't you??". "Errr.. yeees?" .. By now I'm wondering what parallel universe I had inadvertently entered. Until I worked out that on Saturday I had offered a free box of polystyrene packing chips in the local shops' Whatsapp' group, after we had a big binocular delivery the day before. He was well embarrased when he realised what he had said, but I won't reveal the 'nutty' local shop owner on Sharrowvale road. Unless he pays protection money lol.

Saturday 20th April 2024

Had to laugh this morning when the usual peacefull chilled environment of Hickmott road was broken by the shriek of a woman trying to pet Poppy, next doors shop cat. That cat is old, cantankerous and viscious at times - even I've been attacked, scratched, mauled, aggressed, hissed and spat at - and it knows me!  #ShopLife   :)

Saturday 13th April 2024

I've written up an article about my latest film camera user, Emma S

Saturday 6th April 2024

Following on from the start of my study of local film users, I'm also starting a study of local birders. This is being started here, and will be built up over time.

There's some new films in stock - Ilford XP2 (black+white) in 35mm and 120mm; ColorPlus 35mm, and  Fuji Superia colour 400 35mm.

Saturday 23rd March 2024

I've created a new local film user page for Will S-W (WSWanalogue), which you can see here.

Also, I've given a roll of Rollie Infrared black+white film to Joseph W, the secretary of the 'Sheffield University Photographic Society' to try. Once he's shot it and developed it at the uni, he will send me a few photos and hopefully tell us of his experience using it. When he does, it will be added to his page here.

I've also sent Josh S out with a Lomography 'Redscale' 35mm film to try. Any results will be posted on his page at a later date.

Tuesday 19th March 2024

I have added a new local film user to my study of local film users, Margo. See here.

I am dedicating some pages of this website to a project I've decided to start: Having worked here over 30 years, I worked through the original years of people using film cameras first time round. The world has changed so much since then, but these old film cameras are being used again by younger generations of people eager to explore film photography for the first time, second time around.

I'm interested to explore all sorts of films/methods/interests, including the newer film emulsions such as films like Lomography, Washi, Flic, Cinestill, etc, as well as old-school Gold, Ilford, Polaroid, Infrared films, 126mm, half-frame, panoramic, 127mm etc.

This is NOT a 'best photo' competition; it's about you and your love for film photography. And it's just for local Sheffield dwellers at this time (whether indigenous or at Uni here etc).

I'm also interested in finding out more about new film users.  So I've complied a list of questions, and am asking local film camera users if they would be willing to display some of their images on here, and  answer some questions if they are happy with that. 

SO... My first few pages have been created, and can be viewed here.

If you would like a page too, to express your thoughts, film user experiences and images, call in the shop or ring me, Jen, to get started. (0114) 2667077 Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays 10am - 3pm

Wednesday 6th March 2024


Tuesday 5th March 2024

A sniff of spring in the air? We've had the beginnings of the yearly interest in outdoor persuits, including bird watching, and people buying binoculars again. Happens every year, and cheers me up knowing better weather is on its way!

Wednesday 14th February 2024

One of our ancient members of staff is ill and unfortuantly we will have to close the shop tomorrow, and on Friday we will be open between the reduced hours of 11am to 3pm. This is also because it's the half term hols and my unexpected childcare needs. It is not because I didn't get a 'Valentines Day' card today. Humph...

I was sent an email today informing me that someone has downloaded spyware onto my phone via an email, and that this person has been monitoring my browsing history. If I don't pay up a lot of money, they say they will tell my friends and family all about my porn watching habits. As cute dogs are the only thing I get excited about nowadays, my family are going to be terribly shocked LOL.

Tuesday 13th February 2024

Two new colour films in stock - Fujicolour 200 ISO 36 exposures (£11.99), and Harman Phoenix 200 ISO 36 (12.99).

Friday 26th January 2024

Pleased to arrive to the shop after my 2 days off, to find the boss has replaced the cheese, and chocolate digestives, that he stole from the shop last week. No need to call the 'Snack Police'.

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Happy New year y'all!

Got a few new black+white35mm films in stock - Fomapan 'Creative' 200 35 (£5.99), and Agfa APX 400 36 (£7.99).

For sale, at last, the Sheffield Bird Study Group's book: 'Birds in the Sheffield area 2020'. This is their latest edition, just out today. You can buy from us for £8.00.


Saturday 16th December 2023

I am starting to produce a series of hardback books for customers to read when they visit the shop.

The first one I've made is for you to get more info on the more unusual films we stock (Washi, Lomography, Rollie, Flic etc). Please feel free to come and spend time in the shop reading it!


Today's temperature at work is one thermal vest. The other day I was wearing three thermal tops under my jumper in the shop, and I could've won 'Seal Pup Impersonation Of The Year' award!

Being a Christmas fan, I have sneaked in lots of decorations to secrete slowly around the shop in homeopathic quantities so that 'Scrooge Boss' (the Xmas hater), doesn't hardly notice them. Ha!

Wednesday 22nd November

Many apologies for the shops opening hours being a bit random this last few weeks, and less hours than usual, but this is because the efficient, hard-working member of the team, (moi), has been off ill nearly 2 weeks!

Saturday 4th November 2023

Hobbling around the shop today with bad back ache, the result of 5 children jumping on my back all at once last night in an ambush. OW.

Tuesday 17th October 2023

Since 'lockdowns', more people than ever are taking up bird and nature viewing and study. Why not have more fun and join a local bird watching group? I've put information about local groups on a web page here.

Tuesday 10th October 2023

Opticron have brought out an ugraded binocular model, and we have the new Savannah R PC Oasis 8X33 in stock now, see here for more details. £114.


Read an article in the papers about the differences between 'Generation 'Z', Gen 'Baby Boomers' etc etc. But they missed out a new category, which I've just created - 'Generation HD (Home Delivery)' - those born after 2010 and obsessed with 'Deliveroo' and 'Just Eat'.

This is the result of countless arguments with my son over food. Every time I mention having a pizza for tea: "Ooo! Can we get it home delivered?" . "No, it's too expensive, and I have a car to collect if I wanted. Aldis sell them at £0.99p".

Mum: Shall we go for a MacDonlads?" Son: "Get it delivered mum". "No, it's too expensive and arrives cold".

What is this obsession with Home Delivery??! As a 'Gen X', I just DON'T get it!  I LIKE sitting in a restaurant, I like eating out. But my son goes ballistic with me lol. A true 'Home Delivery' generation.

Snoop Dogg has a lot to answer for!

Saturday 7th October 2023

WD-40. What a great invention! No house should be without it! Curtain rails jamming - WD-40. Squeeky door hinge - WD-40. Mechanics sticking - WD-40!

Wednesday 4th October 2023

Sorry for lack of communications this last week, but I've been off sick a week with covid. Poor me.

Tuesday 26th September 2023

I am planning to dedicate a couple of pages of the website to feature local analogue film users - what films they like, what they like shooting, a couple of their favourite photos etc etc. Now just need some film user victims to step forward lol. Not looking for 'the best' photographers, just everyday enthusiasts.

I am especially interested in people shooting films like Lomography, Polaroid, Washi, Flic, Cinestill, Infrared films, 126mm, half-frame, panoramic, 127mm  etc.

If you fancy a bit of free publicity for your hobby, see me (Jen) in the shop, or email me a bit of info about yourself (j-darwin@btconnect.com).

Opticron have brought out a smashing pair of new pocket-sized binoculars - the Natura WP PC 8X25 (£154) and 10X25 (£164) For details, see here.

Saturday 23rd September 2023

We are reducing the price of some of our Opticron binoculars (due to them being discontinued models). See you 3 binocular pages for details. Grab a bargain bino!


Saturday 9th September 2023

I pulled a most successful 'April Fools' joke on the boss 5 months ago (I convinced him the shop was burning down). But he got revenge yesterday: I am in the habit of having a Chinese takeaway on Fridays when my son is away at his dads' house. The takeaway knows me very well, so when I ring up I only need to say: "Hi, it's Jenny, can I order...." and they know it's me. So I scrolled down 'Recently Used' phone numbers on my phone, and hit the number for the 'New Zing Vaa' on Ecclesall road. I started ordering, but a new Chinese guy answered, who I assumed spoke very bad English. He rambled on so nonsensically, that eventually I rang off, totally frustrated with his rants about 'sick squid'. Then I saw that I had re-dialled boss John by accident! I rang him back, and he was laughing hysterically at me. Humph. Feel such an idiot!

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Just tripped over the pooches water bowl in the shop when a customer came in. Nothing like giving customers a good first impression eh?

Friday 1st September 2023

It is the 5th anniversary today of moving our shop onto Hickmott road. Yay!

Saturday 26th August 2023

Am in the process of writing a shop bio web page.. Having a laugh, dredging up some of the past events in the shop over the last 30 years.

Wednesday 23rd August 2023

My sons gone away with his dad on a holiday. Usual breakfast for me - boiled eggs and soldiers. Todays child-free brek - Walkers smoky bacon crisps!

Tuesday 8th August 2023

The car park on Ecclesall road, in Berkeley Precinct, has changed its parking rules. It is no longer free for an hour: now it's free for only 30 minutes. Or pay £1 to stay for up to 2 hours. 

Tuesday 1st August 2023

I could write this book:


Wednesday 26th July 2023

Meet the staff!


Tuesday 25th July 2023

This Facebook 'Memory' came up recently.. made me laugh.. what am I like?!



Wednesday 12th July 2023

You know it's not a good idea to eat a whole quiche at once, as I've just found out lol.

Wednesday 5th July 2023

A reminder that we will match local shop prices on the rare occasions that we are not the cheapest.

This Facebook memory came up a while ago. It made me chuckle, so thought I'd share it!


Saturday 1st July 2023

Much cred to the Spar shop on Ecclesall road, who allow dogs into the shop. Now I can pick up a newspaper on a dog walk without fear of having the pooch stolen!

Tuesday 27th June 2023

Sometimes, only cheese hits the spot.

Wednesday 7th June 2023

To be wearing thermal vests in the shop in June is an abomination!!

Tuesday 6th June 2023

We are processing and printing loads of films for our analogue film fans - but what are they doing with those stacks of prints building up on bedroom floors? We have storage and display solutions! From dedicated print boxes to hold 700 6"x4" prints, with index separation cards, to actual photo albums. Come on, you know it makes sense to get those prints more organised!

4638  684 t67 566

Wednesday 24th May 2023

Have now started stocking Fuji Instax Mini photo albums too, at £11.99. Available in blue, and lilac too. 


Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Being a child of the seventies, family entertainement in the evenings included listening to old 78 records, and setting up the projector and screen to view my parents' slides. My brother set up the projector and screen the other day, and we all had a laugh looking at our 70's and early 80's fashion failures and (Suzi Quatro) hair cuts. Here's a few: 

jen   jen2

NB: I am NOT the one with goofy teeth and glasses!

See more here.

Tuesday 9th May 2023

Today, I am mainly red. The result of a 6 hour street coronation party on Sunday, in the sun. That will teach me not to sit in the sun for 6 hours without sun cream on eh?

Our streets' kids' view of the royal family:


 Saturday 15th April 2023

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Tuesday 11th April 2023

Birdwatching and general interest in nature is a passion that often develops in our youth. Why not have a look at our childrens optics page, and get your kids into loving nature now!

drt   fgy

Tuesday 4th April 2023

I still have a set of the shops keys, not a 'P45', so It's all good today!

Saturday April 1st 2023

Pulled a most succesful 'April Fools' joke on the boss, who was about to set off on a 5 day holiday with his partner. I rang him, and said there had been an electrical fire in the shop, which had resulted in a total power outage and lots of damage. After much blaspheming and frustration and stating that they will have to cancel their holiday "FFS", I put him out of his misery by saying that it was a good job it's April Fools day then innit. Think I still have a job eek.. 

Friday 31st March 2023

Spent some time yesterday weeding my garden for the first time since last year, and digging it over.
After that, I sewed some 'Chicken Poo Pellets' that I bought  for £3.99.
I'm looking forward to getting a batch of chickens and eggs later on in the summer.
poo   fre

Friday 17th March 2023

According to Tesco's (Eccy road), ALL children are born between April and August, and none between September to March . How do I know this? Because when seeking hot dog buns there today for my sons birthday party, I was told by a young man that Tesco: "Only sell hot dog buns in the BBQ seasons". As hot dogs are one of the most popular chidrens party 'food', I can therefore only assume that Tesco believe that no children are born in the winter months. Well, it gave me a chortle!

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Wondering what days our analogue films will be collected for developing, or when they will be returned? Check out the 'Film Process, scan and printing' page for more info. This will now be updated regularly so you can plan when to drop films off or collect more easily.

Tuesday 13th December 2022

First day back at work after a horrible illness, to find the boss had forgotten to leave the heater on defrost over the weekend, and the shop is now 6 degrees C. Then discovered that he has totally, unnecessarily, badly rearranged a perfectly good bag display that took me ages to create just before I got ill. Grrr!

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

This Facebook 'Memory' came up in my news feed recently. Had a big chortle!


Saturday 12th November 2022

Natashas clothes shop has opened up next door to us today. I have been 'forced' to celebrate with a glass of Prosecco. Hic.

Tuesday 18th October 2022

The Tesco self-service till flagged me up as needing assistance this morning over the purchase of a packet of cheese savoury Jacobs 'Tuc' biscuits. Am I on the Binge Police's list of 'Most Wanted'?! 


Saturday 20th August 2022

Have you seen the film: "Fatal Attraction", where the rejected lover boiled her exes kids rabbit at the start of a revenge campaign (leading to the joke about 'locking up your rabbits'. meaning you have a psycho stalking ex)? This Facebook memory came up a few days ago: 


I am sad to report that I must have aged badly since then, as I no longer have a need for a 'rabbit cage' ..!

Tuesday 16th August 2022

I have done well not to be banned from local shoe shops. Having wide feet, it often takes trying on 10-15 pairs until I find one that fits. Indeed, in TK Max recently, I created a mini flurry of fellow shoppers rooting through the mega pile of shoes that I had discarded after trying: they assumed it must be a pile of extra discount bargain shoes!

Wednesday 5th May 2022

When you accidentally drop a 4 X 2 Litres pack of mineral water on your big toe from a one foot height in Aldi, it hurts. Ask me how I know.

Tuesay 3rd May 2022

My son is auditioning for the next 'Alien' film, as a hatchling alien:


Tuesday 12th April 2022

It's been a funny sort of morning. I got back into the gym this morning, my first session since Covid half killed me (Ok, ok, man-flu. syndrome). Bought some food from Tesco on the way home, and drove home looking forward to my eggs on toast. But getting out of the car, a plastic pot of minestrone soup fell out of my bag, scattering spirals of pasta and tomato sauce onto the road, creating what looked like a crime scene. Because the lid had cracked and I was hungry, I ended up having minestrone soup for breakfast. 

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Still off work sick. Poor me.

I have been able to do some pottering round in my back garden though, ready for 'Jens Big Fat Post-covid 2022 Garden' project. I post lots of my progress on the shops' Facebook page. My first gardening tip of 2022 is this:


Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Covid has got its evil, snively hands on my poor body.

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Facebook memory from 13 years ago,... totally baffled!! Haunted teabag??!


Saturday 23rd October 2021

We have a new loupe/viewing aid in stock. The Opticron The Opticron 57107 Pocket folding inspection magnifier is suitable for close up inspection of plants & insects as well as reading a variety of small print documents.

Manufactured using a 3 element fully coated glass lens for optimum resolution and colour correction, the model features 6 LED lights for effective illumination in low light.
An additional UV light source provides the ability to view fluorescent properties in stamps, banknotes, flora and fauna. £29.99. Great for checking your money forgeries.

Saturday 9th October 2021

We have a new DSLR bag in stock, to fit a DSLR small to meduim sixed DSLR camera, also suitable for micro 4/3rds cameras. Made by Dick Smith, it is £24.99. No appropriate emojis.. titter...


Tuesday 27th April 2021

To add to our collection of weird fruit and veg, here's the latest find in Aldi!

rude1  Add your own caption lol!

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Today is my first day back at work since December! I've been a bit of a nervous wreck to be honest - having spoken to my other local shop workers, they too report that they found it very anxious coming back after this lockdown. 

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