Developing + printing of less common analogue films

'A G' can develop many film types of old, including APS, 110mm, 126mm, 35mm panoramics,127mm and 35mm half frame.

March 2024

I am planning to dedicate some pages of the shops website to feature local analogue film users - what films they like, what they like shooting, some of their favourite photos etc etc. 

I am interested to display all sorts of films/methods/interests, including the newer film emulsions that weren’t around 25 years ago such as films like Lomography, Washi, Flic, Cinestill, etc, as well as old-school Gold, Ilford, Polariod, Infrared films, 126mm, half-frame, panoramic, 127mm etc.

This is NOT a 'best photo' competition; it's about you and your love for film photography.  If you fancy a bit of free publicity for your hobby, see me (Jen) in the shop, or email me a bit of info about yourself (j-darwin@btconnect.com).



- £8.99 develop only of negatives. No printing service available

110mm film

- £8.99 Dev only

-£23.99 Dev + print 6"X4"

- £27.99 Dev + print 6"X4" nd scan + email

126mm film 

- £8.99 Dev only

- £23.99 Dev + print to 5"X5"

- £27.99 Dev + prints 5"x5" + scan + email £27.99

35mm Panoramic

- £7.99 Dev only

- £21.99 Dev + prints 5"

- £27.99 Dev + print 5" + scan + email

35mm Half Frame printed two frames on each 6" X 4" paper

- £8.99 dev only

- £14.99 Dev + print

- £17.99 Dev + print + scan + email

35mm Half Frames full size

- £8.99 Dev ony

- £22.99 Dev + 6"X4" prints

- £35.99 Dev + 6"X4" prints + scan + email

127mm film

- £8.99 Dev only

- £22.99 Dev + 6"X4" prints

- £39.99 Dev + 6" prints + scan + email 




C22 was the standard process for colour negative (print) film until 1972 (when it was superceded by the now current C41 process).

All the chemicals required to run process C22 are now unavailable commercially, but  Ag can process film designated for process C22 as black and white. This is the only viable option when attempting to bring it to life for customers. There is no possibility of processing as colour. Even when the film was current, the latent image life (exposed, but unprocessed image) was known to be unreliable and now, with these films being well over 40 years old, it is easy to understand the challenge.
'A G' have found the results to be very variable and negative quality normally quite poor.
But this may be better than nothing for some customers.
However, 'A G' can give no guarantees at all and your film may yield no usable results. If this is the case, your total cost will be only the basic processing cost and any options selected (scans or prints) will be refunded.
  • Film Developer: FUJIFILM EnviroNeg
  • Development temperature: 38°C +/- 0.2°
  • Processor Type: Noritsu short leader
  • Drying: clean air blower integrated into processor (no transfer of films to separate dryer)(no squeegee rack or blades).

*** TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this service ***

It is impossible for us to assess the value of originals and unprocessed film supplied by you the customer, and the charges made for our services do not reflect or incorporate unlimited liability.

Customers must insure work of special value.

All orders for processing and printing are accepted on the basis that their value does not exceed the cost of equivalent new unprocessed material.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, liability is limited to the cost of an equivalent amount of unexposed film and refund of any processing charges paid.

We cannot be held liable for any lossdamage or delay to your work from any cause.

Our Customers are to ensure that all material supplied to the us for processing, copying or reproduction is free from any third party claim or infringement. We accept orders only on the understanding that the Customer is the copyright owner; the work is out of copyright; or the customer has the copyright holders written consent, and this must be supplied to us with the order.

If completed film developments are not collected, after 2 years we may have to dispose of uncollected negatives and prints due to storage issues.

Our Customer indemnifies Sheffield Photographic Centre against all costs, claims, damages and losses of any type brought by any third party in respect of any copyright infringement allegation.

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