Film processing services

We are able to offer you an excellent colour, and black and white, film processing service, for 35mmm and 120mm.

Simply call in to us and we will book your job in. Work is usually returned to us between 2 and 7 working days, and then you can collect it from our shop on Hickmott Road, S11 8QF.

Delivery and collection days are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.10am (our shop opens at 11am). So, for example, a film dropped off anytime after 11.15am on a Thursday, will be collected on Tuesday, and be back on the following Thursday 7 days after drop off. A film booked in on a Saturday would be collected 3 days later on the Tuesday, and back 2 days later on the Thursday morning. A film booked in on a wednesday, would be collected the next day, and returned 6 days later on Tuesday. Hope this makes sense?! 

You can get your films either developed only and cut into strips, or get them scanned and emailed to you, or printed, or printed and scanned and emailed to you.

Contact sheets can be done as extra, and also images can be put onto a CD at extra cost. 

Paper finishes available are gloss or satin matt.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of the quality of 35mm analogue film developing. Which is why we use 'Peak Imaging', whom we have an account with. It should be cheaper accessing them through us, than posting them off yourself (as they charge £4.50 delivery). The problem with cheaper in-house processors is that it can result in inconsistency of quality, negs scratched, poor printing with haphazard results. Often people blame their camera, or poor film, when cheap processing is the culprit. Believe us, we know, having been doing this for over 35 years! You DO get what you pay for. Our service is not the cheapest but if you want consistently brilliant results, here we are!

At extra cost you can also ask for film speed changes, cross-processing, and clip tests. 

You can aslo bring in Lomo, Holga, and Diana films for processing, in the middle of an 8"X5" sheet of true photographic paper in gloss or satin matt finish (not available for film from Lomo 360 cameras).

Process and print of XPAN (35mm) available, ask in store.

You can drop 35mm/120mm analogue films off for developing, any time Tuesdays -Saturdays, 11am - 4pm. However, if you need help and advice on any aspect of 35mm film photography/questions about your 35mm or medium format camera and equipment/darkroom problems etc, then it's best to come in on a Thursday or Friday and pick boss Johns' brains. With over 35 years experience with film cameras and darkroom printing, they are very knowledgeable brains indeed! He is very happy to help and advise anyone with his experience, so don't be shy to ask him questions!

We are now offering a professional film processing service , for 35mm analogue colour films, slides (E6) and black and white films.  This  professional service is ideal for weddings, studio portraiture and glamour photography or where flesh tones and colour consistency are paramount.

This service is specifically recommended for all professional and specialist C41 process films. If you're buying films like Kodak Portra, this level of developing will bring out the very best in it!  All prints are individually assessed and then corrected to produce optimum results. Prints are available on gloss or satin matt paper surface. Ask for prices.

Print size options  for the Pro service are: 6"x4", 7.5"x5", 6"x9" and 12"x8".

Some examples of prices July 2022, standard service (same price for colour or black and white films)

35mm develop only 24 or 36 exposure film - £7.80 

35mm  develop negs, and scanned and emailed to you at 14Mb size - £13.30

Develop 24 exposure film and print pictures  (6"x4", glossy finish, or satin-matt) - £10.50 

Develop 24 exposure film, print pictures (6"x4", glossy or satin-matt), and scan to get images emailed to you - £14.50

Develop 36 exposure film with pictures ( 6"x4", glossy finish, or satin-matt)- £13.90   

Develop 36 exposure film, print pictures (6"x4"), and scan and email images to you - £17.90     

** Larger print sizes also available, enquire by email or in the shop! **                                                              

Some examples of our professional 35mm printing service:

35mm 36 exposure film  6"x4" prints £18.79

"                                                   " plus extra set £25.88

"                                                   " scanned, printed and CD supplied £23.89

"                                                   " prints, scanned, and images emailed to you £22.89 

** Larger print sizes also available, enquire by email or in the shop! ** 


When we book 35mm films in for processing, we often get left the empty cannisters. We collect them for people who want them for lots of different uses (Eg: keeping seeds in, spices and herbs when travelling etc). So if you need any, call in and grab some off us.


Ring (0114) 2667077, or email j-darwin@btconnect.com, or call into our shop for further help! 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF


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