Film processing for Colour or Black+White films, transfer onto CD etc

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We are pleased to announce that from October 2018, we are now able to offer you an excellent colour and black and white film processing service, for 35mmm and 120mm.

Simply call in to us and we will book your job in. Work is usually returned to us between 2 and 4 working days, and then you can collect it from our shop on Hickmott Road, S11 8QF.

You can get your films developed only and cut into strips, or get them printed too. Contact sheets can be done as extra, and also images can be put onto a CD at extra cost. 

Paper finishes available are gloss or satin matt.

At extra cost you can also ask for film speed changes, cross-processing, and clip tests. 

You can aslo bring in Lomo, Holga, and Diana films for processing, in the middle of an 8"X5" sheet of true photographic paper in gloss or satin matt finish (not available for film from Lomo 360 cameras).

Process and print of XPAN (35mm) available, ask in store.

Some examples of prices (same price for colour or black and white films)

35mm develop only 24 exposure film - £7.50 

"                           "  36  "                  " - £7.99

35mm  develop negs, and scan to 6.2Mb size - £11.60

Dev. 24 exp. film and print pictures - £10.50  (+ £4 if you want them scanned onto CD)

"          " 36 "                                 " - £13.90    "                                                           "


Ring (0114) 2667077, or email j-darwin@btconnect.com, or call into our shop for further help! 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF


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