Black and white 35mm and 120mm films

Our analogue film process and print service is fully up and running. We can also use our lab to do a scan and email service, as well as our usual printing of films.

The quality of the lab that we are using  has produced very high quality work, and we are realy confident in their professionalism and service.
Turn around time for drop off/returns is betweeen 10 and 15 days usually, depending on the volume of films we book in.

If you need help and advice on any aspect of 35mm film photography/questions about your 35mm camera and equipment/darkroom problems etc, then it's best to come in on a Thursday or Friday and pick boss Johns' brains. With over 35 years experience with film cameras and darkroom printing, they are very knowledgeable brains!  

Prices September 2023

35mm films

Fomapan 400 ISO 36 exp film -£5.99

AgfaPhoto 400 ISO 36 exposures - £6.99

AgfaPhoto 100 ISO 36 exp.  - £6.99

Kentmere 400 ISO 36 exposures - £6.79

Kodak Tri-X 400 ISO 36 exposures - £14.99  

Ilford FP4 125 ISO 36 exposures - £8.99   

Ilford HP5 400 ISO 36 exposures film - £8.99  

Washi 'Z' 400 ISO 24 exposure film - £9.50

Flic Double X 250 ISO 36 exposures - £11.99

Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow 400 ISO 36 exposures - £7.99



Fomapan 400mm £5.79

Washi 'F' £9.99

Ilford FP4 or HP5 single roll - £8.80  

Kodak TRI-X 120mm single roll - £8.00 (short date)  

Lomography 'Berlin' 400 ISO - £10.99

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