Night Vision scopes


Night scopes, or night vision devices, are used to intensify human sight under very low light conditions.  Infrared imaging systems, also referred to as "active" night vision devices, focus infrared light on a scene. Infrared is beyond the light spectrum visible to humans, so the beam itself is undetectable. Image-converting technology transforms the scene illuminated by the infrared into a visible image. 

Night vision devices were developed for military use, where seeing in the dark is an obvious tactical advantage. The United States used night vision devices in the Vietnam War and to great effectiveness in the Persian Gulf War. Night vision devices are also used by both urban and rural police forces. In the late 1990s, night vision devices were finding more commercial outlets. They began appearing in some high-end cars and are being marketed directly to consumers for recreational use.

Probably 90% of the scopes we sell are for people who just want to observe the wildlife in their gardens at night!


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Yukon Ranger Pro 5X42 night view binoculars

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The Ranger Pro 5x42 Digital Night Vision device is designed on the basis of the ranger 5x42 Night Vision Device. In comparison to the basic ranger the Ranger Pro 5x42 features a greater viewing range of up to 600m. This is because it has a more sensitive CCD and has more...[more]