Reusable 35mm and 120mm film/analogue cameras

You can drop 35mm/120mm analogue films off for developing, any time Tuesdays -Saturdays, 11am - 4pm. However, if you need help and advice on any aspect of 35mm film photography/questions about your 35mm or medium format camera and equipment/darkroom problems etc, then it's best to come in on a Thursday or Friday and pick boss Johns' brains. With over 35 years experience with film cameras and darkroom printing, they are very knowledgeable brains indeed! He is very happy to help anyone with his experience, so don't be shy to ask him questions!

Prices and availability as of 24th June 2022

AgfaPhoto 35mm analogue reusable camera
Treat yourself to an AgfaPhoto reusable 35mm film camera., with built in flash.
This Agfa 35mm reusable film camera is a simple point and shoot. Light, easy to use and a fun little camera to take photos with. The cameras come with a strap and pouch.
  • • Suitable for ISO200/400/800 35mm films
  • • 32mm f9 Focus Free Lens
  • • Complete with Soft Bag & Carry Strap
You can buy film for it from us, plus AAA batteries (cost extra).
Fabulous retro design going on here!
Available in red+chrome, black+chrome, or brown+chrome!
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Harman 35mm analogue reusable camera
This reusable film camera comes with two Kentmere 400asa 36 exposure black and white films.
Save your money and stop using disposable cameras! Better for you and the planet!
  • Plastic 35mm Camera with Flash.
  • Battery and Wrist Strap Included.
  • Weight: 100g.
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Harman EZ reusable camera with one roll HP5 film £52.99

Reusable, motorised camera with 1 x ILFORD HP5 PLUS 135 36 exposure film.

Packaged with battery and strap, and includes 1 x roll ILFORD HP5+ 36exp film. It has a motorised film load mechanism, with advance and rewind features. Also has a built in flash. 
-  Focus Free from 1metre
-   Lens 31mm F11
-   Shutter 1/100s
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Ilford Sprite 35-11 reusable 35mm camera £38.99

The Ilford Sprite 35-II will meet the needs of people experimenting with 35mm film and looking for a camera that’s ‘no frills’ simple. It’s a step up from disposable cameras, and being re-usable, it won’t create extra waste.

The camera has a fixed shutter speed (1/120s) with a 31mm, single element f9 fixed-focus wide-angle lens, perfect for capturing most well-focused daylight scenes, and also features a built-in flash with a 15-second recycle time for night time shooting.

Available in black, or white.

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Users can load the Sprite 35-II with their favorite film, whether its colour negative or black and white, allowing them to capture quick snapshots or moody monochrome scenes. The camera has a manual film advance winding lever to move through each exposure and rewind the roll when the film is finished.

It’s extremely lightweight and compact, weighing just 122 grams, with dimensions of 119mm (W) x 67 (H)mm x 44mm (D).

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Holga 120N reusable film camera, £31.99

120mm reusable camera.


Get back to basics and be creative with the wonderfully unpredictable Holga.

The traditional black 120N takes 120 roll film, and comes with a 60mm/f8 plastic lens.

It takes 120 roll film.


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The benefits of using a format 4x bigger than 35mm are less grain and better picture quality. It also has the option of choosing 12 6x6cm pictures, or swapping out the insert for a 16 shot 6x4.5 format.

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