Binoculars and spotting scopes

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With over 30 years experience selling binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes, we offer you a superb selection of quality optical goods from approx. £70 to over £1000 
View at: 18 Hickmott Road, Sheffield, S11 8QF!
We will guide you to find a pair suitable for yourself to use ( it is essential to physically try binoculars because everyones perception and ease of use is unique!).
We have been  Swarovski and Opticron stockists for over 30 years!
Simply call in, Tues-Saturday 11am-4.00pm and ask to view them and get expert advice too. 

We have new models and price drops on Opticron full size binoculars

(May 2022)

 Aurora  BGA VHD 8X42 £789 

 Aurora BGA VHD 10X42 £799

 Verano BGA plus+ VHD 8X42 £569 

Verano BGA plus+ VHD 10x42 £579

 Countryman BGA HD+ 10X42 at £289

 Countryman BGA HD+ 8X42 at £279 

 Adventurer 8X42 £89 

 Adventurer 10X42 £99 

 Oregon 4 PC Oasis 8X42 £139 

 Oregon FMP PC WP 10X42 £119 

  Exporer WA ED-R 8x42 £199 

 Explorer WA ED-R  10X42's £209 

 Discovery WP 8X42 £179 

 Discovery WP 10X42 £189 

List of current mid-size binoculars (May 2022):

 Savannah R 8X33 £109 

 Savannah R  10X33 £119 

 Oregon 4 PC Oasis WP 8X32 £129 

  Traveller BGA ED 8X32 £349 

 Traveller BGA ED 10X32 £369 

 Discovery WP PC 8X32  £139

Discovery WA ED 8X32 £189

 Explorer WA ED-R 8X32 £219 

 Adventurer 8X32 £79

List of current Opticron monoculars in stock (May 2022

 BGA 8X42 £139 

 Oregon 4 PC  8X42 £99

 Oregon 4 PC 10X42  £105 

LE WP 8X32  £113

Explorer WA ED-R 8X32 £129

Explorer WA ED-R 8X42 £139

Explorer WA ED-R 10X42 £149

List of current  compact binoculars (May 2022)

 National Geographic kids 6X binos £23.99

 Opticron Explorer 8X21 £58

Opticron Explorer 10X21 £65 

 Opticron Trailfinder T4 WP 8X25 £75

Opticron Trailfinder T4 WP 10X25 £79

 Opticron Aspheric 3 8X25 £129

Opticron Aspheric 3 10X25 £139 

 Opticron Verano BGA PC 8X25 £159 

 Opticron BGA Oasis 8X24 £209 

New in stock! National Geographic kids binoculars: These 6X-magnification children's binoculars make a perfect exploration companion thanks to their sturdy design and handy size. £23.99



Nedis 160GN HD wildlife camera £89.99

Selling at £89.99, it can capture that one special moment in glorious detail on camera. A video of a flock of deer running through the forest or a snap of that bear or wolf exploring. Of course, you will need some help from mother nature and a little bit of luck, but when the moment occurs this Nedis wildlife camera will be ready to preserve the memory forever.
During the daytime and at night this camera will give you amazing wildlife pictures.
It activates and turns off automatically, ensuring your batteries last a very long time and that the camera can be on stand-by for months.