Developing of E6 slide films

E6 slide non-process paid film development services, 35mm or 120mm

We have set up an account with  'A G Photo Lab' in Birmingham. We are able to offer you all their services cheaper than if you sent them off yourselves.

Simply call in to us and we will book your job in. Work is usually returned to us within 3 weeks (slower service than their negative film developing) and then you can collect it from our shop on Hickmott Road, S11 8QF.


Want to see some of my dads' slides? See here


April 2024

I am dedicating some pages of this website to a project I've decided to start: Having worked here over 30 years, I went through the original years of customers using film cameras first time round. The world has changed so much since then, but these ancient film cameras are being used again by younger generations of people eager to explore film photography for the first time, second time round.

I'm interested to explore all sorts of films/methods/interests, including the newer film emulsions such as films like Lomography, Washi, Flic, Cinestill, etc, as well as old-school Gold, Ilford, Polariod, Infrared films, 126mm, half-frame, panoramic, 127mm etc.

This is NOT a 'best photo' competition; it's about you and your love for film photography. 

I'm also interested in finding out more about these new film users.  So I've complied a list of questions, and am asking local film camera users if they would be willing to display some of their images on here, and  answer some questions if they are happy with that (unsurprisingly, the question of whether they are single and wealthy gets ignored lol). 

SO... My fist few pages have been created,and can be viewed here.

If you would like a page too, to express your thoughts, film user experiences and images, call in the shop or rng us to get things started. 


- Develop only, standard sleeves  £8.99

    "            " SECOL archival ring binder sleeving  £10.20

Develop and scan, standard sleeving  £15.99

     "         " SECOL archival ring binder sleeving  £17.20

 - Develop, standard sleeves, set of 6" X 4" prints £15.99

     "          " SECOL archival sleeving "                 "  £17.20 

Provide a set of 40 D.I.Y mounts - £7.99

- Slide film pulled one stop, or pushed one or two stops - extra £1.00

- Provide 'Secol' archival ring binder sleeving - add on £1.20


Process E6 is the standard process for colour reversal film, also known as “Slide” or “Positive” film. 

All Colour Reversal film manufactured today requires E6 process.  Ag run a professionally monitored E6 service with control strips run and analysed by densitometer daily. 'A G' have sufficient volumes of film to ensure excellent processing consistency, vital with E6 as the process thrives on a critical mass.

When scanning or printing your film, 'A G's experienced technicians professionally balance, by eye, all images individually for colour, density and contrast to ensure consistent results frame to frame, roll to roll. Their policy is to balance images so as to obtain the best from your film and deliver usable files with a balance of shadow and highlight detail – please note, this is 'A G's own judgement. If you would prefer flat, low contrast, scan files ready for your own balancing and editing, or no adjustments at all – please select these from the drop down box.

Please note: Accuracy of your film exposure is absolutely critical with colour reversal film – poor exposure will be give very disappointing results. This, together with film quality (best before date, storage, age), lens, camera quality and operation will have a very significant impact on the resulting scan, print or projection quality. In 'A G's opinion when shooting colour reversal film in particular, you should utilise a camera with a reliable built in meter AND intelligently interpret the exposure suggestion carefully bearing in mind the nature of the scene and make adjustments as required. If you are using a camera with no meter, 'A G' strongly recommend using a decent hand held meter such as a Sekonic L308B or similar. Use of the “sunny 16” rule, phone apps, digital cameras etc to ascertain correct exposure can lead, in our experience with many customers, to disappointing results.

Push – Pull processing. In contrast with colour negative film, pushing and pulling E6 process has a very significant impact. If you have exposed your film at a different speed to box speed, please select Push or Pull from the drop down box and also mark the film accordingly. If you don’t, your images will likely be too dark or too light. It is harder to correct transparency over exposure than underexposure, but generally any exposure error is tougher to correct digitally than it is with colour negative film.

If you have Kodachrome film,  this is not an E6 process. Film for process CT18, E3 and E4, unfortunately, cannot be processed.

*** TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this service ***

It is impossible for us to assess the value of originals and unprocessed film supplied by you the customer, and the charges made for our services do not reflect or incorporate unlimited liability.

Customers must insure work of special value.

All orders for processing and printing are accepted on the basis that their value does not exceed the cost of equivalent new unprocessed material.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, liability is limited to the cost of an equivalent amount of unexposed film and refund of any processing charges paid.

We cannot be held liable for any lossdamage or delay to your work from any cause.

Our Customers are to ensure that all material supplied to the us for processing, copying or reproduction is free from any third party claim or infringement. We accept orders only on the understanding that the Customer is the copyright owner; the work is out of copyright; or the customer has the copyright holders written consent, and this must be supplied to us with the order.

If completed film developments are not collected, after 2 years we may have to dispose of uncollected negatives and prints due to storage issues.

Our Customer indemnifies Sheffield Photographic Centre against all costs, claims, damages and losses of any type brought by any third party in respect of any copyright infringement allegation.

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