Scanning services

Our laboratory handles the scanning of individual 35mm format negatives or un-mounted medium format transparencies through their Noritsu HS-1800 scanner for us.

Approximately 18mb file size per frame. Note: this is the amount of DATA in the file. When saved in JPEG format, the file will appear to occupy around 1mb of space on DISK. This is NOT the file size. JPEG format collapses down when closed, so it takes up less space on file, and can be more easily distributed. When the file is opened, then it becomes full size, 18mb – this is the clever part about the JPEG format.

The same scan can also be saved in TIFF format, and under these circumstances, the file will occupy 18mb on disk – so much more cumbersome. However the advantage of TIFF is it can be worked on, saved, re-saved, edited etc etc. with no loss in quality, as TIFF is a “Non-Lossy” format.  If customers are intending to edit a file, then it should be coverted to TIFF or some other non-lossy format (eg. PSD) first, and then worked on. If you work on JPEGS, they deteriorate and look awful when printed.

Pixel Dimensions: 3089 x 2048 at 72 dpi

NOTE: 72dpi is the OUTPUT resolution. This is NOT the scan resolution (this would be considerably higher, 4000 or something, depending on the scan type)

Colour, contrast, density balance: individually corrected by experienced colour balance technicians

Each image is professionally balanced by eye for colour, density and contrast, unless you select otherwise. Saved into JPEG format. 18mb file size, but will vary from image to image (note: JPEG files appear smaller than actual size when closed on disk)

Note: Images are cleaned up for dust with ICE software. However, this can not be used with black and white film, and whilst the lab make every effort to remove dust before scanning they can not guarantee black and white scans will be totally dust free, especially as film may have been processed years earlier, handled or poorly stored.

Old, dirty colour film may also not fully clean up with Digital ICE.

Standard scans up to 18MB size off 35mm and 120mm film and UNMOUNTED slides

1           neg/slide scan  £3.10

2-5        "                  "    £2.70

6 -20     "                  "    £2.20

21 - 50  "                  "    £1.60

51 - 200  "                "    £1.30

200+       "                "    £1.10


Standard scans up to 18MB size off  MOUNTED 35mm slides

1           neg/slide scan  £3.20

2-5        "                  "     £2.80

6 -20     "                  "     £2.30

21 - 50  "                  "     £1.70

51 - 200  "                "     £1.40

200+       "                "     £1.20

Larger scans up to 30MB size off 35mm and 120mm film and UNMOUNTED slides

1  scan                £4.50 each

2 - 5 scans          £4.20 each 

6 - 20   "     "        £4.10

21 - 50 "          "   £4.00

Standard scans up to 18MB size off 126mm negatives and slides

1 - 10       neg/slide scans   £2.10 each

11 - 50     "                       "   £2.00  each

Over 51   "                       "    £1.90 each  

*** TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this service ***

It is impossible for us to assess the value of originals and unprocessed film supplied by you the customer, and the charges made for our services do not reflect or incorporate unlimited liability.

Customers must insure work of special value.

All orders for processing and printing are accepted on the basis that their value does not exceed the cost of equivalent new unprocessed material.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, liability is limited to the cost of an equivalent amount of unexposed film and refund of any processing charges paid.

We cannot be held liable for any lossdamage or delay to your work from any cause.

Our Customers are to ensure that all material supplied to the us for processing, copying or reproduction is free from any third party claim or infringement. We accept orders only on the understanding that the Customer is the copyright owner; the work is out of copyright; or the customer has the copyright holders written consent, and this must be supplied to us with the order.

If completed film developments are not collected, after 2 years we may have to dispose of uncollected negatives and prints due to storage issues.

Our Customer indemnifies Sheffield Photographic Centre against all costs, claims, damages and losses of any type brought by any third party in respect of any copyright infringement allegation.

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