Batteries and chargers

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Common manual film camera batteries

AG13/SR44/EPX76/357/303 silver oxides

£3 for one battery.

The silver oxides last a lot longer than alkaline versions.

Used in many cameras, EG: FM2, OM-10,K100, ME-Super etc



AG13/SR44/EPX76/357/303 Alkalines

£2 for two batteries.

Used in many cameras, EG: FM2, OM-10,K100, ME-Super etc



28L/PX28/4LR44/A544 lithium batteries

£8.99 for one battery

Used in various film cameras. Lithium lasts a lot longer than the alkaline equivalent


28L/PX28/4LR44/A544 Alkaline batteries

£4.99 for two batteries



EPX625G alkaline battery

Replaces the old mercury version.


Used in older film cameras such as Leica M5, Olympus OM1, Rollei 35, Canon F1, Canon EF, Minolta SR, Nikkormat F, Nikon F, Yashica 124G


Common automatic film camera batteries

CR2 lithium battery

Some cameras take 2, others one only.

£4.50 for one £7.99 for two



CR123 lithium battery


£7.99 for two

£4.50 for one

Fits Olympus MjuContax T2, Pentax Zooms, Canon Eos, Nikon F60 etc..


CR5 lithium battery




223/CR-p2 Lithum battery




Universal 2-Power Universal Charger


Sourced from a reliable, reputable wholesaler!  Designed to charge most shapes and sizes of low voltage Li-ion battery packs for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phone and PDA

• Input Voltage: DC 12V (for in-car use) • Input Current: 600mA (Max) • Output Voltage: DC 4.2V / 8.4V • Output Current 600mA (Max) • For 3.6, 3.7, 7.2 & 7.4v Li-Ion battery packs • Automatically identifies + and - polarity • Can also charge NiMH AA/AAA cells • Charge on mains power or in your vehicle. Also has a 1Amp USB port to charge many other USB enabled devices.



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