Physical passport-sized photographs

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We do Passport and Visa pictures for adults, kids and babies. They are also suitable for Driving Licences/International driving licences, Blue Badge, bus passes, travel passes etc. 

For passport photos of other countries, please bring your exact specifications in with you, as in our experience the criteria/measurements do sometimes differ to our standard specifications, thanks.

The majority of customers of ours have successfully either used a scanner to scan our photos into their computer to upload online, or photographed the photos on their phone (set at high quality image size), and obtained a digital copy to upload.

Call in anytime beween 11.15am and 3.45pm, Tuesday - Saturday.. Passport photos can usually be taken straight away, no need for an appointment. 

Using our passport camera, we avoid shadows etc which you can get when trying to do it yourself at home on your Smartphone.

NB: we do NOT provide digital application PHOTO CODES!

NOTE: This is NOT a guaranteed service!  If you need an absolute guarantee due to appointments at embassies etc, then you may need a professional photographer to do this for you, who guarantees their photos will pass, and who usually charge substantially more. In the (very very occasional) event of our photos being rejected by the Passport Office or Post Office, we will re-check them, and if they are not up to specification, we will re-take them at no extra charge.  I have been told by various customers that their embassy did have facilities to take photos in case a customers photos were not suitable. Best to check with your embassy/passport office first before you travel!

Occasionally, we may not be able to get you a set of photographs, because a child is too tired, in a bad mood etc. In such a case we recommend you return at a later time/date when the child is in a better mood!

Spectacle wearers are advised to remove their glasses for the photograph, as any reflections on the glasses will be rejected by the passport office.


Address:  18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF   (0114) 2667077

Bring your specifications in with you and we'll usually be able to do them for you!

We are situated at 18 Hickmott road S11 8QF


UK  PASSPORT/Driving licence/International Driving licence

Age  4+    £4.50     for 4 physical passport pictures

Under  5's  £6.50  -  For 4 physical photos 

  pic   lo

IRISH passport

Age 5+           £6.00    -     4 pictures

Under 5          8.00    -      4 pictures

Photo size will be 35mmx45mm, in colour. The face size will be between 70 and 80% of the photo (32mm to 36mm from chin to crown). Background will be pale/white.



Age 5+             £8.00  -      £4 each extra photo

Under 5            £10.00  -   £4 each extra photo

 loi  loi

The size will be 50mm x 50mm (2" square), on a white backgound.

For American photos, the chin to top of hair measurement will be between 25mm and 35mm. The eyes will be betwen 28mm and 35mm from the bottom of the photograph.

For Indian visa photos, the head will be between 35mm and 40mm size, on a white background.

CANADIAN  passport

Adults  £12.00  -    2 pictures  

Under 4 £16.00 -   "               "

* Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays  10.30am-3.30pm *


los    led

Passport size is 70mm x 50mm, and chin to crown measurement 31-36mm. If you have been given any specifications different to these, bring them in with you!

CANADIAN Immigration photos

Adults   £6.00  -      4 photos   

Under 4's  £8.00      "      "


The photograph size will be 35mm x 45mm. The measurement from chin to crown will be between 25mm and 30mm, with a white background. 

GERMAN passport photos

Age 5+ £6.00    -   4 pictures  - extra four £4.00

Under 5 £8.00  - “                                          “

leon yht err gbt 

Photo size will be 35mmx45mm, and chin to crown measurement 32mm-36mm, on a white background

AUSTRALIAN passport photos

Age 4+ £6.00   -    4 pictures  -  extra four £4.00

Under 4 £8.00  -  “                                          “


Photo size will be 35mmx45mm, and chin to crown measurement 32mm-36mm, on a white background.


Age 5+ £7.00   -  4 pictures  -  extra four £4.00

Under 5 £10.00  -  “                                            “


The photographs will be 35mmx45mm, and have a crown to chin measurement of between 32mm to 36mm, on a white background.

INDIAN passport and visa photographs

Age 5+ £8.00   -      2 pictures  - extra four  £6.00

Under 5 £10.00  -   “                                          "

lor lio

 Chin to crown of head will be 25-35mm (1-1 3/8 inches). The eyeline will be between 1 1/8 - 1 3/8 inch from the bottom of the photo, with a white background.


Unfortunatly, we cannot do these, as they require a grey background, sorry.

Chinese passport photos

Photos will have a chin to crown measurement between 28mm and 33mm. The overall photograph size will be 48mm x 33mm.

* Available Thursdays and Fridays *


Age 5+      £8.00 - 2 photos        £14.00 - 4 photos

Under 5     £10.00 - 2 photos       £16.00  - 4 photos  

JAPANESE passport and visa photographs

Age 5+     £6.00 -  2 pictures

Under 5     £8.00 - "            "

lou  hyt

The photo size will be 45mm X 45mm, on a white background. The measurement from chin to top of head is 32mm to 36mm.

HONG KONG VISA and passport photos

Age 5+    £8.00 -  2 photos ( for passport).  £10.00 for 3 photos (for visa pics).

Under 5   £12.00 "           "    £12.00  "               " 

* Available on Thursdays and Fridays *

ftr gty

The passport specifications are identical for passports and visas, but for a Hong Kong passport you need 2 photos, and for Visa application you need 3 photos. Available Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10.30am till 4pm. The photo size will be 40mm x 50mm.

SPANISH passport and visa photos

Over 4  £8.00  - 2 photos   £14.00 for 4 photos

Under 4 £10.00  - 2 photos    £16.00 for 4 photos


The photos will be 30mmx40mm, with a face size of 70% size. It will be with a white background

Pakastani passport and visa photographs

Age 4+  £8.00 for 2 photos     £13.00 for 4 photos

Under 4  £10.00 for 2 photos   £15.00 for four photos

loi  hyu

The photograph size will be 22 square (50mm x 50mm), on a white background. The crown to chin measurement will be between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm).

Czech passport and visa photographs

Age 4+  £6.00  - for 4 photos   £10.00 for 8 photographs.

Under 4's  £8.00 for 4 photos 


The photographs will be 35mm x 45mm, on a white background. Chin to crown measurements will be between 32mm and 36mm.

Any other country not mentioned above!

We can do most other countries passport photos too, except those that require a blue background. Bring your specifications into the shop with you, and we will try and do them for you.




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