Photo enlargements, restoration of prints, scanning etc off film or digital images

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Enquire at: 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF!

We're using 'Peak Imaging' to do our processing now, a very high quality local professional laboratory. Any of the services they offer can be handled via ourselves.

Services include:

Photo Restoration.

Years of experience with 'Photoshop' has made John an expert at restoring old photos that have faded, or got crease marks etc on them. He will examine your photo then give you a cost to restore and enlarge it if wanted. The price is for the first print, but if you want more than one print doing of the same photo, the extra reprints are much cheaper than the initial cost.

Occasionally he may turn a job down if the damage to the print is too much to sensibly take on. Call in on Thursdays or Fridays to discuss the photo with John. 11am - 4pm.

Chromogenic Colour (C-type) prints and enlargements

Done from digital media 5"X3.5" up to 90"x30" print sizes. Coice of 'gloss' or 'satin matt' papers. All images are colour and density corrected, unless requested not to. Accepted formats are RGB (8 bits per pixel), TIF or JPEG files with the sRGB profile embedded.

For the best results, images should be saved at the preffered size at a resolution of 254pi.

Giclee prints. 

Using the finest archival papers and Ultrachrome HDR aqueous pigment inks, producing prints with inceredible colour and detail. Ideal for photographic, illustration, or painting reproductions. Sizes from A4 (12"x8") to 60"x40". Images are not automatically applied colour or density corrected. You may be contacted if Peak Imaging think your images can be improved. Supply us images that are RGB, TIF or JPEG files with the native colour profile embedded.

Choice of papers: Hahnemule Photo Lustre; Photo gloss; Photo rag (Fine Art); William Turner (Fine Art) or Bamboo (Fine Art).

For best results, images shpould be saved at the preferred size at a resolution of 300 ppi or higher.

 Old Film rescue Service

Film processing, printing and CD's from old formats abd emulsions (EG: 110 film, 126, 127,620 and APS). Much old film, if stored in dry, temperate conditions, can still yield good results.

Please note that because of camera aperture/format variations, you may lose 1-2mm from the extremeties of your image. When a film is deemed "not print worthy" you will be charged at process only costs.

Custom scanning

 Avaialble from 35mm,120mm, 5"x4" negatives and transparancies. Images are supplied as RGB TIF files onto media (CD, DVD, USB) or downloaded via an email link (online).

Selective CD Archiving

Archiving service from 35mm or 120mm negs or slides. Images are saved as JPEG files which open to the sizes selected. An Index print is included for easy identification. Please note, if we are scanning from a mix of cut film and mounted slides, we cannot write them to a CD in a specific order.

Image Manipulation

Available from negatives, slides or digital image. Price varies on time taken, eg:

Light - minor scratch and blemish removal

Moderate - Moderate scratch and blemish removal

Heavy - Extensive scratch and blemish removal

Custom - For requirements that dont fall into the 3 above ( charged per hour ).

Mounting and Print Finishing

Prints can be mounted on a range of substrates, ready for you to frame or display. Due to flush trimming all mounted work will be slightly under the sizes stated. Prices are in addition to the cost of the prints. 

Can be printed on:

Card - high quality card ideal fro framing.

Foamboard - very light foam-centered board

Black foamboard - 13mm black foam-centered board, frp prints up to 20"x16"

PVC Foamex - Rigid PVC with a class one fore rating.

ACP - Aluminium Composite Panel. A dark polythene core bteween 2 aluminium sheets, providing a very flat mounting service. Ideal for high gloss prints.

Protective Laminate - Clear plastic coating bonded to the face of the print, available in gloss or matt.

Textured Laminate - Canvas ( Heavy texture that resembles a traditional canvas), or 'Emery' (A uniform heavy lustre style finish).


An archival photo-print is laminated and wrap-mounted around a custom-made 20mm MDF panel. Fitted with a keyhole hanging sytem, each canvatex is produced ready to hang. The default finish is Canvas, with an 'Emery' texture also available. From negs, slides or digital image. When considering a digital image for this product, please allow for a 1" image bleed.

Canvatex 45

An archival photo print is laminated and wrap-mounted around a bespoke solid-faced 45mm wooden frame. Has predrilled keyholes so ready to hang. The default finish is Canvas, but Emery also available.

Studio Block

Stylish, 18mm deep contemporary photo block. From negs, slides or digital. Avaialble with a black or white vinyl edge, each Studio Block is profesionally printed, mounted and protected with a matt laminate.

11. Life Books: available in several sizes (8"x8", 10"x10", 12"x9" or 12"x12").

12. Clear Vision Acryics: A range of photo acrylics available from neg, slide or digital image. Your image is printed and mounted behind 10mm sparkling acrylic using optically clear adhesive and lihjt-stop material, fitted with a metal sub-frame for hanging. Sizes 10"x8" up to 30"x20".

Our prices are competetive and will be cheaper than if you used them yourself, plus it saves you the hassle of Post Office visits and difficulties with the postal system. Simply call in to us and we will book your job in. Work is usually returned to us between 2 and 4 working days, and then you can collect it from our shop on Hickmott Road, S11 8QF.

You can get your films developed only and cut into strips, or get them printed too. Contact sheets can be done as extra, and also images can be put onto a CD at extra cost. 

Paper finishes available are gloss or satin matt.

At extra cost you can also ask for film speed changes, cross-processing, and clip tests. See Peak website for more indepth explanations.

You can aslo bring in Lomo, Holga, and Diana films for processing, in the middle of an 8"X5" sheet of true photographic paper in gloss or satin matt finish (not available for film from Lomo 360 cameras).

Process and print of XPAN (35mm) available, ask in store.

Discounts available on bulk: 5-9 rolls gets an extra 5% off; 10-24 rolls get an extra 10% off, and 15% of 25+ reels at time of developing.

Ring (0114) 2667077, or email j-darwin@btconnect.com, or call into our shop for prices etc! 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF


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