Photo enlargements and restoration

All work for printing and enlargements are done on the premises by our expert and experienced printer John.

We also offer a photo restoraton service on your old photos. Call in with the picture to get a quote!

He uses his 30+ years of darkroom wet printing skills and transfers them into 'Photoshop' to offer you the most amazing digital interpretation and usage of knowledge to give outstanding results.

John is very highly regarded for his Photoshop and printing skills, and used by many local Professional Photographers - yet we are still charging prices which even students can benefit from!

Bring your image to the shop on: USB, memory card, negative, slide or CD, and John will examine it and discuss with you the options/sizes/modifications etc necessary to produce you a print of a quality you will be very happy with.

Our professional 9800 Epson printer can use paper rolls up to 44" wide.

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Enlargements, posters etc

CODE: SP000272

Price: £3.80

Showroom Only. Please call (0114) 2667077.
Prints/posters  from 6" x 8" to 44" wide are available. Contact us for our low prices which include image manipulation. If excessive adjustments are neccesary a small extra charge might be added.  Different paper types can be selected, from...[more]