Reprints/enlargements/print restoration

MAY 2024

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Digital prints off negatives and E6 slides

                              0 - 50           50+

6" X 4" prints        90p           80p

7.5" X 5"               1.60         1.40

6" X 8"/9"              3.40         3.00

10"/12" X 8"          3.90      

A4                         4.20      

12" X 10"               4.90

12" X 16"               7.50

!2" X 18" + A3        9.50

16" X 20"               27.00

16" X 24"               30.00

20" X 30"               49.00

Digital prints off USB's etc

                                 0 - 50        51+

6" X 4" prints        30p         24p

7.5" X 5"               0.90     0.80p

6" X 8"/9"              1.40       1.30

10"/12" X 8"          2.50     

A4                         2.90     

12" X 10"              3.90

!2" X 18" + A3       5.90

16" X 20"              15.90

16" X 24"              19.90

20" X 30"              34.00

Digital prints off 127mm film

1 - 10     6" X 4"   - £3.80 each

1 - 10    7" X 5.5" - £4.30 each

Photo Restoration.

Years of experience with 'Photoshop' has made John an expert at restoring old photos that have faded, or got crease marks etc on them. He will examine your photo then give you a cost to restore and enlarge it if wanted. The price is for the first print, but if you want more than one print doing of the same photo, the extra reprints are much cheaper than the initial cost.

Occasionally he may turn a job down if the damage to the print is too much to sensibly take on. Call in on Thursdays or Fridays to discuss the photo with John. 11am - 4pm.


Ring (0114) 2667077, or email j-darwin@btconnect.com, or call into our shop for prices etc! 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF

*** TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this service ***

It is impossible for us to assess the value of originals and unprocessed film supplied by you the customer, and the charges made for our services do not reflect or incorporate unlimited liability.

Customers must insure work of special value.

All orders for processing and printing are accepted on the basis that their value does not exceed the cost of equivalent new unprocessed material.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, liability is limited to the cost of an equivalent amount of unexposed film and refund of any processing charges paid.

We cannot be held liable for any lossdamage or delay to your work from any cause.

Our Customers are to ensure that all material supplied to the us for processing, copying or reproduction is free from any third party claim or infringement. We accept orders only on the understanding that the Customer is the copyright owner; the work is out of copyright; or the customer has the copyright holders written consent, and this must be supplied to us with the order.

If completed film developments are not collected, after 2 years we may have to dispose of uncollected negatives and prints due to storage issues.

Our Customer indemnifies Sheffield Photographic Centre against all costs, claims, damages and losses of any type brought by any third party in respect of any copyright infringement allegation.


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