Photo enlargements, restoration of prints, scanning etc off film or digital images

September 13th 2022

We have temporary bad news for all our customers who have digital prints and enlargements, or bring their 35mm and 120mm films in for processing via 'Peak Imaging' laboratory: they are o nolnger processing films etc.

I am looking into other alternative solutions to the problem, and think we have located an alternative lab to do our work for us. This should be up and running within 10 days.

Boss John has done printing and enlargements, and photo restoration as an alternative higher quality printing service for our shop for many years, and he will temporarily step up his printing service in a few weeks time. He is more expensive than 'Peak' laboratory, and it's a much slower service, but his hand printing quality is awsome!  As soon as I source another printing service, or 'Peak Imaging' resume their lab work, I will announce it here. 


In case of short notice temporary closures, it's best to check 'Jens Blog' for info on any changes to opening hours! 

Services include:

Photo Restoration.

Years of experience with 'Photoshop' has made John an expert at restoring old photos that have faded, or got crease marks etc on them. He will examine your photo then give you a cost to restore and enlarge it if wanted. The price is for the first print, but if you want more than one print doing of the same photo, the extra reprints are much cheaper than the initial cost.

Occasionally he may turn a job down if the damage to the print is too much to sensibly take on. Call in on Thursdays or Fridays to discuss the photo with John. 11am - 4pm.

Chromogenic Colour (C-type) prints and enlargements

Done from digital media 5"X3.5" up to 90"x30" print sizes. Coice of 'gloss' or 'satin matt' papers. All images are colour and density corrected, unless requested not to. Accepted formats are RGB (8 bits per pixel), TIF or JPEG files with the sRGB profile embedded.

For the best results, images should be saved at the preffered size at a resolution of 254pi.

Image Manipulation

Available from negatives, slides or digital image. Price varies on time taken, eg:

Light - minor scratch and blemish removal

Moderate - Moderate scratch and blemish removal

Heavy - Extensive scratch and blemish removal

Custom - For requirements that dont fall into the 3 above ( charged per hour ).

Ring (0114) 2667077, or email j-darwin@btconnect.com, or call into our shop for prices etc! 18 Hickmott Road, S11 8QF


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