Street Candy ATM B+W film

Street Candy ATM 400


400 ISO


36 exposures


Street Candy ATM400 is a panchromatic black and white film that was originally used for security and surveillance cameras in banks and ATMs.

ATM400 delivers great contrast for punchy Black & White images. Perfect for Street Photography, all that without losing mid-tones details.

With a medium sensitivity, ATM400 will get you covered in most situations. Push up to +1 stop or more if you are up for extreme contrast.

Soft grain structure for fine details. Great texture for urban scenes and skin tones rendition.

With its new packaging introduced in 2020, ATM400 was the first alternative to plastic film canisters, with a unique Eco-Friendly packaging made of durable recycled cardboard & soy-based dyes.

The Street Candy makers converted the film to 35mm and wound it into recycled film cartridges so that it is now suitable for use in 35mm cameras.

ATM400 delivers best results when it is exposed between 320 ISO and 400 ISO. Street Candy recommends exposing the film to ISO 400 under daylight conditions.

High Contrast

Rich Grayscale Tonality

Recycled Film Cassette


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