Rollie Infrared films, 35mm + 120mm


Single roll £9.50


Single roll £9.99

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General film characteristics:

- emulsion is coated on a PET base
- special coating for improving film advance characteristics in cameras
- usage possible in both daylight and tungsten light.

This film is based on aerial film technology. Spectral sensitisation up to 795 nm for infrared similar effects like Illford SFX 200 film. Easy handling. Infrared effect only with filters which block visible light up to 715 nm (like Heliopan RG 715). Ideal for beginners in IR photography. Try with a Holga too.

Exposed at EI 400/27° this film has a very strong S-shaped characteristic curve. This results in a very contrasty look with very low levels of shadow detail and very clearly separated mid-tones. If such contrasty look is not wanted it is recommended to expose with 2-3 stops more light and adjust development time accordingly (shorter development time).
Photographers who prefer optimal shadow detail, highest light sensitivity and evenly graded grey tones in their infrared photography will find their optimal film in ILFORD SFX 200.

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