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 Sheffield City Council traffic wardens are now back out on the streets. The ticket machine is on Hickmott Road, nearest to Ecclesall road. Press the green button to get 20 mins free parking, or pay to stay longer. As the covid-19 saying goes:

"Stay alert - avoid a fine!"


Wednesday 24th February 2021

The eyebrow-gouging has gone into remission since the euphoric news that schools are going back on March 8th. Having being held hostage by home schooling since January, I can now look foraward to having the time for housework, excercising daily, and getting the piles of outgrown clothes organised ready for when the charity shops reopen! I'm sure all over the UK, parents are looking forward to regaining a big part of their former lives... 

Tuesday 16th February 2021

It was a mistake to let ourselves eulogise over bacon sandwiches on Sunday - later that day, my son and I 'ended up' going to Aldi and buying a pack, and  we had a bacon sarnie binge yesterday morning! Oh well, it's still a drastic reduction in red and processed meats in our diet, and I'm proud to report that I am now losing weight naturally, without any cutting down or dieting - all down to giving up meat. Plus my complexion has improved too, which I wasn't expecting.

The Boss has had his covid vaccination now, which is a huge releif. Hopefully mine will also happen before we are allowed to reopen the shop again. I can't wait to get back to seing our customers again! 

Friday 12th February 2021

Survived a whole term of home schooling, yay, but thank goodness for a week off next week.

This was supposed to be a temporary health blog, but since giving up meat, my body seems to be protesting against it: I had to go to the Hallamshire yesterday for blood tests and an xray of a dodgy knee. Plus I think my eyebrow has become infected and I have a temperature today eek. 'Revenge Of The Butchers' disease?!

So my son (age nearly 10), has decided that it is cool to eat curries, which is great, as I love a good curry. The problem is, whenever I cook one (using ready-made sauces), he complains that it (a Korma), is too spicy, and has too many vegetables in it (we have given up meat)!! 

'Schoolboy Error Of The Year' award goes to the unfortunate boy in my sons' class, who, in yesterdays daily live 'Zoom' meeting with the teacher and all the class, wanted to share his geography knowledge of north America: he got his words mixed up, and mentioned the 'State of Vagina' instead of Virginia. My son is still in hysterics today over it. That poor kid is never going to live that one down! 

Sunday 7th February 2020

I have the rather dubious honour of manifesting a new self-harming side effect of covid-19 stress. One which, unlike most self-harm, is visible and very embarrassing: I have formed the habit of scratching my right eyebrow, resulting in a scab, which then gets picked, and so creating a cycle of scratch, bleed, scab, pick off, and on and on. Never done this before covid came along! People keep asking me what I've done to my eyebrow, thinking it's some sort of accident I've had, so I have to explain that it is a barometer of my inner turmoil - the scabbier it is, the more stressed I am! In the olden days, I would ask if you see the scab, to give me a hug, as I am struggling mentally. But covid has robbed me of even that comfort.

As far as the pescatarian diet is going, I am pleased to share that although I've not lost any physical weight yet, I have lost 2" off my waistline. I'm assuming then that red meat consumption was causing some sort of internal irritation and inflammation in my gut? Have to confess also that a few days ago, whilst digging through my pescatarian freezer contents, I stumbled upon an imposter hiding naughtily underneath the fish fingers - a pack of 4 frozen beef burgers. Did they end up in the bin? Or in our tummies? Er, oops, guess you know the answer to that question then. Blushes.

Wednesay 3rd February 2021

What a rollercoaster of a day yesterday: Not only was the home schooling more 'challenging' than usual, but later on the day found me crying into my stir- fry over Captain Sir Toms' death by covid. 

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Thank goodness January is over and behind us! This winter has found me using my S.A.D lamp every morning since November, or else I find myself slipping into a wintery depression. I've not had to use it for quite a few years, but the covid situation pushed me over the edge this winter. Hurry up spring sunshine...

So, we've just finished an hour of home schooling maths, very frustratingly. When you're given the answers yet some of the schools answers are wrong, what hope is there for these poor 9 year old kids? 

More sums are not adding up today at all.... so if a newspaper costs 60p, and I have to bribe my son with an extra £1 to go out into the snow to buy it for me, how much of a sucker am I then?!! But as my balancing skills are so atrocious, (I'm the sort of person who can fall over treading on a dry leaf on a dry pavement), I have no choice but to cough up the £1, or go without a newspaper. Well, that's just really given my age away, as most people look at the news online nowadays...

Todays English lesson points out that there is a direct relationship between my increasing age, and decreasing ability to spell. Thank goodness for word spell technology on computers!  

Friday 29th January 2021

'Kevin the Carrot', found in a bag of Aldi-purchased carrots, is going a bit rubbery and looking the worse for wear. We will miss him dreadfully, having watched him gracefully decompose over the last 3 weeks. Any non-Aldi shoppers will be baffled by this blog entry LOL.

kev    "Ooo, I need a wee!"

Monday 25th January 2021

Harman reuseable 35mm film cameras, complete with 2 films, are back in stock, £37.99 Inc. postage from our Ebay shop. Buy HERE!

My son returned from his weekend stay at his dads house last night. Amongst other questions as to what he ate there now he is on a pescatarian diet, he replied: "Chicken curry, chicken soup, " etc. Guess it will take a while to settle into it then ha ha!

Sunday 24th January 2021

Last years first covid-19 lockdown saw the transformation of my garden, of which I was realy proud of.

However, in this 3rd lockdown, whilst the shop is shut, it is me that is needing a personal health transformation, after a lengthy chat with my doctor from 'The Hollies Medical Centre' (the best GP's in this area). So, since last March, I have gained 19 pounds of weight, and my blood pressure has rocketed. It was my GP who took the time to realy get me to examine my lifestyle, and explore what is causing the raised blood pressure. She asked me: "Do you eat a lot of red meat?" I thought "What on earth has that got to do with blood pressure?" So I said: "Just an average amount". And of course the usual suspects - alcohol (oops), stress, excercise etc. This GP going the extra mile, causing me to spend a lot of time researching each issue in turn, has sparked the beginning of a journey back to health! Can't thank her enough! So, for starters, I'm now using an excersise bike every day for an hour, or going on a speed-walk hour every day. I've taken yoga back up (dropped it since last March), and the most important change is this - having been horrified at discovering my fridge full of mince, beef burgers, beef steaks, pork pies, scotch eggs, guess what? After discussing it at length with my son, we have both agreed to stop eating all red meats, chicken, pork etc. We are now a pescatarian household as of 4 days ago!

This blog will now temporarily become a health progress blog. Yay! Exciting!

Sunday 17th January 2021

You can now buy a copy of SBSG (Sheffield Bird Study Group) "Birds In The Sheffield Area 2018" from us, for £10.99 Inc. postage. Purchase here from our Ebay shop. 


Wednesday 13th January 2021

This would make a great gift for any child or adult: small enough to take everywhere with you, and not too expensive incase it gets lost or damaged by small hands! The MM-280O (Orange) MicroMini™ is a 20x, LED lighted pocket microscope that is always at the ready! It is compact, portable and easy to use. It is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. Clip on to any hand bag or backpack using the attached key chain. Now you can explore anything…anywhere! View fabric, flowers, foliage, printing pixels and more all up close! View the hidden objects in currency with the included UV light. Uses 3 G12 Batteries (included). £11.99 from our Ebay shop. inc.post.


Need a bit more magnification than the usual 10X magnification loupe/stand? Then this Carson magnifier gives you 17.5X magnification.

It  helps you examine small objects such as negatives, coins, rocks and stamps. The clear acrylic base uses ambient light to illuminate your subject. The focusable dual lenses allow you to see the fine detail on objects not visible to the naked eye.

Buy from our Ebay shop £11.99


We have expanded our range of disposable cameras to include Kodak 'FunSavers', which have 36 exposures coming with 800asa film inside - making realy rich colours and great for inside or outside photography. £16.50 buy from our Ebay shop.

Also new: Fuji QuickSnap 27 exposure disposable cameras, with 400asa and flash. £9.99.

fun   fuji

Monday 11th January 2021

Having a pause in between home school nightmares, oops,lessons, so thought I'd share this:


We have  new 35mm colour 27 exposure disposable cameras in stock, for only £10.50 off our Ebay shop.


Sunday 10th January 2020

Various new products have benn added to our Embay shop. EG:

The Carson Pro CP-60 MagniVisor Deluxe from their PRO Series is a hands free, head-worn magnifier with 4 different lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x .
Available to buy from our Ebay shop: £38.99
It comes with an adjustable headband, fully adjustable head strap, and super-bright Triple LED light.
The removable LED lamp can be used as a free standing light source. The MagniVisor Deluxe magnifier is perfect for all hobbies and crafts! It is the perfect low vision aid.
head visor

Tuesday 5th January 2021

As of 5th January 2021, we regret that due to the 3rd Covid-19 'National Lockdown', as a non-essential shop we have to close untill Boris Johnson allows us to open again. Keep safe folk, we will miss you!

Sunday 3rd January 2021

2021  sbsg2

Good news for the local keen birdwatchers- the new edition has come out from our fab local bird group 'Sheffield Bird Study Group' (SBSG). The long awaited edition of their book: "Birds In The Sheffield Area 2018" has arrived on my doorstep (hand delivered by their chairman Richard - very honoured thank you sir!). We will be selling copies in the shop too as soon as we get them - watch this space!

Sunday 20th December 2020

Remember my sons' promise to always clean out Crumbles' hamster cage? Found this a few days ago! Ha, knew that promise wouldn't last long....


Saturday 19th December 2020

New stock arrived yesterday, which cold make some great stocking fillers. For example:

'National Geographic' 300x to 1200x kids microscope, only £39.99 in our Ebay shop, buy here.

'National Geographic' compass, £13.99, buy from our Ebay shop here..

micr  comp

Locomoceon mini photo lightbox £8.99 from our Ebay shop.

Light up your favourite photos in style. The magnetic mini light box features a slot for placing your A7 sized photos.
When switched on, the backlit frame will highlight and illuminate your image, creating a stunning effect.

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Made a strange but delightful discovery today, thanks to my boss's habit of popping out of the shop to go on an errand but getting totally distracted on the way: I was realy hungry at 1pm and asked him to pop down to Tesco to get me something to eat. By 1.50pm I was so hungry that I prepared a pot noodle in desperation. Then just as I started eating, he turns up with a: "Sorry I'm so late, but I got talking to 'The Famous Sheffield Shop' staff on the way. But I did buy you some sweet chile salmon ready-to-eat steaks". I opened the salmon packet, and ended up alternating bewtween the 2 foods. Suprisingly, they went realy well together LOL.


New model in stock (December 2020) - Opticron Adventurer2 WP 8X32 binocular, at only £75.00. Great for people wanting a smaller, lighter weight bino! 


Tuesday 8th December 2020

We've had delivery of some new models of Opticron binoculars, in time for Christmas. There's also been price drops of £40-£50 on various older models too. Come and try some for yourselves!

*** Price drop on Countryman BAG HD+ 10X42's at £309 ***

*** Price drop on Countryman BGA HD+ 8X42's at £299 ***

**Price drop on Imagic BGA VHD 8X42 (£389) **

**Traveller BGA ED 8X32 (£309) and Traveller BGA ED 10X32 (£319) **

**Exporer WA ED Oasis-C+ 8x42 (£199) and 10X42's (£209)  **

**Natura BGA ED 8x42 (£285) and 10x42 (£295)**

**Explorer extremely compact 8X21 (£58) and 10x21 (£65)**

** Aspheric 3 WP compact 8X25 (£144) and 10X25 (£154)**

**Oregon 4 LE WP compacts 8X25 (£68) and 10X25 (£73)**

8x21  8x25  8x25 

Has anyone actually managed to become an 'NHS Voluntary Responder'? I keep applying, but my documents keep getting rejected for unspecified reasons. I'm losing the will to live over all the time I've wasted trying to apply. Grrrr.

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Further to my last post, (27th), I'm impressed at the speed at which the shop in Chesterfield was investigated over it's non-conformity regarding wearing masks by the councils' 'Food, Health and Safety' department. They have been issued a warning, plus told that they will be monitored by the councils covid-patrol collegues! They asked me to keep an eye on it too and report any more breaches, which I will.

We've got a great Christmas idea for a blogger/photographer: the Velbon UT-3AR VLogging outfit. A versatile tripod kit for modern travellers, consisting of the ultra-compact Velbon UT-3AR tripod, a universal smartphone/GoPro tripod adapter and a Tamrac Jazz 45 bag to hold your camera gear. For more specifications, see here.

RRP is £131.99, but we are selling it at only £69.99!!


Friday 27th November 2020

Went into a small corner shop on the outskirts of Chesterfield yesterday, a newsagent but its main business is it sells hot food to take out. Was horrified to find virtually no one wearing a face mask inside, neither staff nor customers, and the place packed with no social distancing. It attracts vans full of workmen who are constantly calling in throughout the day. I felt too intimidated to say anything there and then, but I am going to report it- idiots like these are causing the majority who obey the rules to suffer on-going restrictions. Imagine if one of the cooking/serving girls has covid - the speed of spreading covid around all those daily visitors doesnt bear thinking about. Grrrr! Plus I then had to visit my elderly mum, worried incase I picked up anything in there. I didn't half wash my hands well...

Thursday 26th November 2020

Bear dog enjoyed his birthday yesterday, although he was miffed that the humans didn't let him eat the cake!


But as he had to have a tooth removed recently, sugar is definatly OFF the menu! He did get a chicken drumstick though, and was happy with that!

Tuesday 17th November 2020


Monday November 16th 2020

My son has finally trained 'Crumbles' and can hold her!


Friday 13th November 2020

Hi everyone, how is your second lockdown going?

I've used the time to create some great personalised Christmas cards for my very nearest and dearest. I use the 'SnapFish' website to do them, as they are cheap, and fast to deliver.

Here's one to my mum and Pompa ( 'Pompa' being the name my son called his grandpa before he could pronounce 'grandpa').

pompa1  pompa2

Sunday 1st November 2020

A lot of our stock, including 35mm films and gift ideas for Christmas etc, can be purchased via our 'Ebay' shop (sheffieldphotocentre) and posted to you.

Me and John always strive to go above the call of duty in order to help anyone we can. Just had this Facebook recommendation from a lady we helped on Saturday:


Kindness costs nothing! Spread the kindness everyone, especially in these hard times! One day it might be you who needs that extra level of help.. do unto others as you would have done to yourself.

Saturday 31st October 2020

Only £5.99 for a Summit SD and Micro SD memory card holder. Buy off Ebay here

They have an impact resistant hard shell, and hold 4x SD Cards and 4 Micro SD cards. We have them in four colours - grey, light green, yellow, and red, in lovely pastel shades. Each case has a quick release hanging hook.

sd summit

Tuesday 20th October 2020

At our house, we love to watch the Bear Grylls adventure series: my son's fascinated with learning survival skills and watching Bear eating various gruey local 'delicacies'. My interest is more in the admiring the 'scenery' lol..Anyway, he has requested some survival skill books for Christmas, which is fine, except I wonder if he's hoping for a chapter called: "How to survive my mums parenting".... 

We have  new 35mm colour 27 exposure disposable cameras in stock, for only £7.20 Plus we can process it for you too (£10.50 for processing and a set of 6£x4" prints)!

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

I love my job, but.. I realy wish I was sprawled out in my back garden today on my sun lounger,  enjoying the sunshine!.

Tuesday 8th September 2020


Saturday 22nd August 2020

Got to the shop yesterday at 10.50am, opened shop, switched computer on etc, and waited for my sons dad to come and pick him up before I start work. Angrily rang his dad at 11.15am, demanding he comes asap to the shop to pick our son up. He turned up 20 minutes later, looking confused. I said: "I've worked Saturdays for years, how come you forgot to pick our son up for the day? He replied: "Jen, It's Friday"...OOPS..... Hastily apologised, and locked the shop up and went home, tail between legs.  Senior moment or what?

The shop IS open today, 11am until 3pm, and IT IS Saturday!!

New in stock - Quick release head adapter: Upgrade most heads and tripods to a quick-release system. Built in spirit level, removable camera alignment pin, 1/4"-20 reducer bush, and camera screw. £21


Tuesday 18th August 2020

Had the funniest 'fnar fnar' moment for a long time, thanks to the man who renewed my car insurance from 'Churchill' insurers. After completing the renewal, the guy asked if he could do anything more for me. I joked: "A cup of tea would be good!", to which he replied: "What about something harder?". There was an awkward silence in which he gasped as he realised how wrong that sounded, and then we both exploded into laughter at the 'double entendre'. Bet that's the last time he gets mixed up over 'harder' and 'stronger' LOL. I declined the offer!

Saturday 15th August 2020

For anyone visiting our shop or anyone intending to park on Hickmot road, I have watched a Sheffield City Council 'Parking Services' attendent slapping parking fines on cars left right and centre today. Please get a ticket and avoid a parking fine!

Saturday 8th August 2020

I'm at work today from 11am until 3pm. Going to be rather hot in the shop I suspect! Thank goodness the boss bought the shop a Dyson air cooler - they are brilliant, they work realy well.

Had a lovely time meeting my sons friend and parents at 'Padley Gorge' a few days ago. What could go wrong? They were paddling around in the stream for ages, and then they went out of sight for ten minutes... then we heard screeches of laughter: The boys had managed to find a bog, and were rolling in it! Plus one of my sons 'Crock' shoes got lost forever in the bog, and we had 2 stinky muddy boys to deal with. #BoysWillBeBoys.

We have a new family member! 'Crumbles' (nickname 'Crumbelina'), a dwarf Russian female hamster:


My son has promised to always clean her out... wonder how long that promise will last?! Ever since I gave birth to my son, I've been cleaned out (of money, sigh..)!

Saturday31st July

New film stock: We now have rolls of 35mm Kodak Ektar colour 100asa 36 films (£9.30), and Kodak Ultramax colour 400asa 36 exposure films (£7.50) in stock.

My son painted me a slate heart to proudly display in my covid-19 succesfull garden project. Awwww!


Saturday 18th July

New in shop - Nedis Wi-Fi plug! £17.99


Saturday 4th July 2020

I'm BACK!!!!


My first days work since lockdown. I'm here until 3pm today, then John will be in the shop on Tuesday and Thursday 11am until 4pm.

Please pop your head in the door and say hello if you' are passing by!

Monday 30th March 2020

Oh the power of witholding gadgets! Got a good few hours of school work out of my son after the gadget ban, of decent quality too. He now has to do his school work every day or the gadgets remain locked away.

He made me laugh yesterday when he said: "Mummy, I hope that the animal which infected the first person in China has been shot!". I said I was sure it would be dead by now, so my son then had an imaginary rant at the dead animal: "I hate you! Look what you've done to the world you stupid animal!" I replied for the animal:"Oops, sorry everyone! Left a bit of a mess behind me..."

Thursday 26th March 2020

A joke for you that I thought up this morning: "Why did the chicken cross the road"? "Because a group of people approaching him were not observing social distancing"! Sorry, my bad taste humor!

Saturday 21st March 2020

We are aware, from our Chinese friends in this country, that they have been subjected to hate comments due to coronovirus. We find this abhorrent! We wish to assure every Chinese visitor to our shop that they are totally welcome and to have no fear in our shop!

Am suffering from panic buying envy! So I've put this in the shops window- it has brought many smiles and laughs.. but no panic buying into Sheffield Photo Centre!



Saturday 14th March 2020

Managed to park my car outside work today...

jens car

 Friday 13th March 2020

Had a 'Friday 13th' moment earlier when a bag stand suddenly fell over, scattering bags all over the shop floor. Unfortunatly it has sheared in two, so now its only 2 foot tall instead of four, and now I have a load of bags to find new places to live.. which in a 'cosy' shop like this is going to be a challenge!

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Just finished the first disinfection of the shop today! It's business as normal, open 10am untill 4.30pm.


Ha ha, if only! Hic......

Friday 28th February 2020

Both me and John  have worked in this shop for between 29 and 35 years! So we both have first-hand skills and knowledge from our years of helping people with their film cameras, developing and printing etc.

Please call in for the simplest of problems and help- from putting a film in your camera for you; taking it out at the end so that the film isn't damaged if you are unsure how to do it; for advice on camera settings; or booking your film in for processing etc.


Tuesday 11th February 2020

Brrrr.. too cold to work today! Watching the sleet falling outside the shop, and huddled up miserable looking people walking past.

So decided to photograph all our current range of photo albums: here's a mini collage:


Tuesday 4th February 2020

Lovely warm sunshine peeping through the leaves in Endcliffe park, 8am!


Old photo needing restoration? Ripped, damaged? NO problem! Drop it off at Sheffield Photo, 18 Hickmott Rd S11 8QF. From £4.00, and takes approx. 5 days!


Saturday 1st February 2020

I love taking fun photos! Dogs, cats, aliens, toys.. you name it, we've photographed it! Call in any time Tuesday, Fridays or Saturdays, 10am until 4pm. Photos done by me, Jenny


Friday 31st January 2020

Totally creeped out my this mouse mask my son made, complete with moveable eyes!


Saturday 11th January 2020

Stand still in certain areas of Sheffields' 'Botnical Gardens', S11, and this is what may happen!


Saturday 23rd November 2019

Please have a look at my Instagram  photos!



I've been told that we have the best (and sometimes only) collection of monoculars to view and purchase. Available in 8X and 10X magnifications. From £42 to £149.


We are stockists for a big range of Swarovski and Opticron optics. From £42 to £1850! That should cover most peoples needs lol!

Saturday 16th November 2019

Our film processing service has realy taking off recently. The result of great prices for a top quality professional-quality service, and great prices on 35mm film in the shop. Though you may get cheaper film dev prices locally, if you want a consistantly brilliant developing service, use us.. you do get what you pay for! Drop a film off and it is returned to us betweeen 5 and 7 days later. Done by a professional laboratory who collect from us, and deliver back. So no fears of films being lost in the post!

We also handle Holga, Lomo, Dianna films etc! Plus 120mm rolls, E6 slide film processing etc.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a service to print out your documents onto A4 general use, smooth white printer paper.

Document can be brought into us on a USB (virus checked) stick, or emailed to us at:
First sheet costs 0.45p, and any extra sheets charged at 0.20p a sheet. Double sided not done.
Suitable for: Returns labels for online purchases; CV's; letters; any other general printing requirements!

Interested in the local birds (the feathered variety I hasten to add)? You can now get a copy of local group 'Sheffield Bird Study Group' book report 2017 from our shop for £7.50 (£8.00 from them directly).

They would make a great present for anyone interested in the birds around Sheffield, including areas such as Rotherham, Chesterfield, Tideswell, Grenoside, Bamford, Great Longstone etc.


Saturday 21st September 2019

Have got Kodak Porta 400asa 36 exposure films back in stock, and Kodak Portra 160. Buy individually, £9.50 a roll(400asa) and £8.50 (160asa). Plus we can process it well too!

portra rth

Saturday 14th September 2019

Yesterday was Friday 13th AND a full moon! Anyone have any disasters yesterday? I attended the funeral of my old gym friend Terry yesterday, which was very sad, plus my son got a mystery high fever and spent all day off sick from school.. so guess that was not a good Friday 13th for us then!!

Tuedsay 10th September 2019

Our memory cards aren't the cheapest on the market - for a reason - they have long guarantees and get replaced if faults do (very rarely) crop up on them.

To date, we have:

1. Silicon Power 'Micro SDXC 16GB, 32GB and 64GB acrds, from £14.99 to £26.99.

2. Silicon Power SDHC 8GB, 16GB and 32GB class 10 cards, from ££12.99 to £15.99.

3. Silicon Power SDXC 64GB class 10 extended capacity cards - £19.99
Silicon Power SDXC 128GB class 10 extended capacity cards at £26.99.

4. Lexar PRO 128GB SDXC UHS-11 1000X speed 4K cards with up to 150MB's transfer, and 90MB's write speed, £45.99

5. Lexar PRO 128GB SDXC UHS-11 667X speed, up to 100MB/s, 4K, and up to 90MB's write speed. £35.99


Saturday 7th September 2019


Nothing like a good selfie with the family! Enough silliness, what are the shops' latest new products? We have the Carson MagniTouch touch-activated LED 3X magnifyng loupe on sale at £24.99. For more details, see: MagniTouch


Tuesday 30th July 2019

Fantastic day out to 'Hatton Adventure World' last week! Realy recommend the falconry centre, where we got realy close up to seing an owl, and a falcon. My son was getting bored untill he saw the falcon eating a baby chick.. then all the little kids were totally fascinated eeeugh!


Love the photo where it looks like the handler is telling off the falcon, and the falcon is hanging its head in shame!


































































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