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For car parking, the ticket machine is on Hickmott Road, nearest to Ecclesall road.

Press the green button to get 20 mins free parking, or pay to stay longer.                       

As the covid-19 saying goes: "Stay alert - avoid a fine!"


If arriving by bus, the nearest bus stop to the shop coming from the city centre is just past 'Nonnas' Italian coffee bar on Ecclesall road. 


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Thursday 12th May 2022

We have had some colour 35mm films arrive! We are limiting them to one roll per customer, so that the maximum amount of our customers can get a chance to shoot film again! The Kodak Ultramax 400 ISO 36 exposures is £9.99 a roll (average of £15 on Ebay).


Listining to Classic FM on the radio, to a piece of music I can play on the piano - 'Fur Elise' by Beethoven. Reminds me of playing it to my son when he was much younger, and him saying something like: "I like it! Play 'Furry Leaves' again mum!".


I play it much slower than this person does, think he's showing off by rushing it, in my opinion.

Tuesday 10th May 2022

I have two weather apps on my phone: 'The Met Office', and 'BBC Weather'. It must be a sign that I'm an optimist, as I check both apps daily, but only believe the forecast that shows that days sunniest, warmest, driest prediction!

Thursday 5th May 2022

Our Canadian passport service is running today, and next week on Tuesday 10th, 11th and 12th May, but NOT on Saturday 7th or Saturday 14th May as usual (due to a wedding and other stuff going on, sorry)..

In 1972, Monty Python did a sketch called: "Eric The Half A Bee", in which a customer (John Cleese), tries to buy a licence for his fish from the Licenser (Michael Palin). Anyway, the customer mentions: "The minister of housinge", as spelt on the van he saw. To which the licenser says: "Housinge?". Cut to 2022, and my sons' dad STILL puts the 'inge' onto the end of 'ings' all the time. My son has picked up the annoying habit too, saying swimminge, walkinge, playinge, etc. But when he switched on his Xbox and announced: "Mum! I'm doing some gaminge!", I had all on not to explode in shrieks of laughter.

Electronic gaming as such hardly existed in the 70's, but if it had, I'm sure 'gaminge' would have been slotted in somewhere by the Python crew!

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Got a notification from 'Boots' chemist that my prescriptions were ready to collect. When they gave me a big bag, I said: "OMG! Is there 3 months supply of 'Oestrogel' in there?" She said; "Yes!", and I did a hop and a skip with joy to be getting my precious HRT. Our shops customers will not get shouted at by me for at least the next 3 months then!

Tuesay 3rd May 2022

My son is auditioning for the next 'Alien' film, as a hatchling alien:


A trip to Tesco's Millhouses (S7 postcode) resulted in me buying ten boxes of 'Batchelors' Chicken Noodle Soup. Obviously the S11 Tesco's is not posh enough to warrant stocking it. Just shows how sophisticated my tastes are eh? Haute cuisine? More like 'Owt Cuisine'!

There is a change to my days at work this week: I'm working today (obviously doh), Wednesday and Thursday, NOT Saturday. So Canadian passport photos are only available on these days.

We have two new Opticron monoculars in stock: The long awaited 'Explorer' WA ED-R's.
Oh dear, this pic makes it look like the 'Leaning Tower Of Pisa' lol.
Available in 8X42 and 10X42 size (8X or 10X magnification).
Quality field monoculars for the space and weight conscious, the Explorer WA ED-R feature wide-field ED optics with the latest multi-coatings for extra light transmission and colour contrast.
8x £129 and 10x £139 .

Saturday 30th April 2022

The war in Ukraine is responsible for lots of things, like rationings of sunflower oil and petrol going up etc. But can it be blamed for the sudden disappearance of 'Batchelors' Chicken Noodle  cup-a-soups from Tescos in Berkeley Precinct?. Is there a shortage of chickens? No. Noodles? No. Being addicted to the stuff, I'm going to have to take a trip to the Millhouses Tesco and do a panic-buy hoarding of it! Talking of which, there is a shortage of 'batchelors' actually which gets worse with time for a woman of my age!


Wednesday 27th April 2022

Great timing from the BBC for airing their Wim Hof : "Freeze The Fear" programme. As a result of sky-high fuel bills, most of us are having no choice but to embrace a heatless cold house. 

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Do you suspect your doctor hates you? Well I think mine must have a death wish towards me. My blood pressure shot up after getting covid. I told her that I was sure it's just a temporary rise ( I do check it at home weekly too), but I'm sure in her mind she was thinking: "Oh God, It's her again- Jen the 'worried-well' hypochondriac". So she prescribed me the most evil drug I've ever come across - Amlopidine. I'm sure she hoped it would be the end of me. Just reading the warnings on the leafet would be enough to make even Ant Middleton quake in fear - "Warning - may cause instant death/ horrible slow death/ death by exploding liver/ death by inducing a Donald Trump fetish/ death by becoming insatiably attractive to wild dogs... you get the gist. Sure enough, 24 hours into the packet and I was more ill than Bear Dogs amputated testicles. No way doc, I'm too young to die yet! And sure enough, now I'm recovered from covid, my blood pressure has come down to pre-covid levels as I expected. Doh.

Miffed that Pahrnia got injured and withdrawn from the 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' TV programme. I had my money on her getting through to the end of the process. Plus the lack of hunky male flesh on show this week made me feel quite depressed.

HRT for me means the difference between being described by my son as: "Shouty angry mum" (not on HRT), and "Sometimes a bit shouty mum" (on HRT). There have been shortages of HRT supplies for months now, and hopefully steps will be taken to step up production of the stuff so that the menopause doesn't affect our relationships and health when we can't get hold of it.

I was watching TV the other day when I realised that Bear Dog was furiously licking my arm. The arm that I'd rubbed my HRT 'Oestrogel' onto 30 minutes previously. Poor pooch is in danger of getting 'Doobs' (dog boobs).

I felt like a good soak in the bath today, but the prohibitive cost of gas now has put me off. So I went to the gym instead and sat in the jacuzzi for 40 minutes before work today. Hmmm, It's nice and warm there.. wondering how to sneak in my kettle, sleeping bag and child for the duration of the cost of living crisis.

Thursday 21st April 2022

Had our first BBQ of the year last night. Here's Bear Dog eyeing up my hot dog. Not a chance, pooch!

 bd  mr BD

I'm having to work today instead of Saturday this week, so there will be no Canadian passport service this Saturday, sorry. Will be back to my usual days next week.

Wednesday 20th April 2022

It's a bit sad, watching the TV programme: "SAS: Who Dares Wins", without Ant Middleton in it. But after seeing the new bloke, Rudy, half undressed in one scene, it more than made up for it. I can only dream of having a 'beasting' by Rudy, but in reality a wasp sting in my back garden is all I'm going to get! 

Tuesday 19th April 2022

Started repainting my garden fence yesterday, in Ronseal One-Coat Fence Paint 'Cedar Red'. Apologies to the snails that got in the way of my paintbrush, and are now a glowy orange colour! You can see the original, darker shade on the fence in the background. I just love this new vibrant shade! Purchased from 'Sharrowvale Hardware Shop' on Sharrowvale road, £8.98. I've covered both sides with one coat and only used about a quarter. Bargain. No, I'm not on commision! #ShopLocal.


Tuesday 12th April 2022

It's been a funny sort of morning. I got back into the gym this morning, my first session since Covid half killed me (Ok, ok, man-flu. syndrome). Bought some food from Tesco on the way home, and drove home looking forward to my eggs on toast. But getting out of the car, a plastic pot of minestrone soup fell out of my bag, scattering spirals of pasta and tomato sauce onto the road, creating what looked like a crime scene. Because the lid had cracked and I was hungry, I ended up having minestrone soup for breakfast. 

Having got to work in the drizzly rain, and into the freezing shop, I found myself compiling an odd list of 'dr' words that expressed my miserable feelings today (Stupid gas and electric bills gone up, food prices gone up, petrol extortionate etc):

Drizzly, drismal, dreary, drepressing, drippy, droll, dreadful,... can you think of anymore?

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Still off work sick. Poor me.

I have been able to do some pottering round in my back garden though, ready for 'Jens Big Fat Post-covid 2022 Garden' project. I post lots of my progress on the shops' Facebook page. My first gardening tip of 2022 is this:


Tuesday 29th March 2022

I usually bounce back from most illnesses realy quickly. But this covid attack is something else. Still off sick, sorry. 

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Covid has got its evil, snively hands on my poor body. 
On a sobering note, I had my first covid booster jab only 3 months ago, yet I'm realy quite poorly with all the covid symptoms. I will be less complacement when I get back to work gain next week.
Thursday 17th March 2022


Wednesday 23rd February 2022

I think I need to create a 'TikTok' account and start filming my own pranks. The latest one was last week: I decided to give my son a surprise trip to MacDonalds after school, his favourite treat. I picked him up after school, and we drove off towards home. When I failed to turn off towards our house, he said: "Mum! You've missed the turn off!". "Oh dear, so I did, sorry".  Then I 'accidentally' turned off Ecclesall road (by mistake of course), and trundled down Carterknowle road. By now, he's shouting at me because I'm wasting his Xbox time at home, so he switched my favourite music off in the car to punish me. I then grimly announced that there is about to be a worldwide shortage of toilet rolls, but that Sainsburies supermarket has got the last remaining rolls in Sheffield. I expained that they are now reusable and simply need washing by hand and then drying on the radiators to be used again. He was shocked. And then FURIOUS when instead of turning left off the mini roundabout to go to Sainsburies, I whizzed right instead, into the  MacDonalds car park! Following a happy scoffing, and me being told off for pranking him about going to Sainsburies, later that night in bed he said: "Mum, we forgot to get those toilet rolls!". I then confessed to that being a prank too, to his embarrasment for being taken in by that too. Oh how he regrets introducing me to 'TikTok' teehee.

Tuesday 15th February 2022

Life is cruel - Beardog got a mystery 'Valentines' card, but not me!


Wednesday 9th February 2022

So last night I caught my son about to uninstall the 'TikTok' app from my phone. When I asked why, he said: "Because it is a bad influence on you mum!". But the pranking of yesterday backfired on me when I walked into my bedroom today to get ready for work, and found that that he had rearranged all my makeup, jewelry, toiletries and perfumes all over my floor, covered by all the bedding that he'd stripped off my bed, grrr!!

Tuesday 8th February 2022

My son (10) put the 'TikTok' app on my phone last week.  I thought: "Bet it's a load of rubbish" and got my son to show me how to select veiwing categories. I chose "Funny Pranks", and began watching the videos whilst in the same room as my son playing on his Xbox. 10 minutes in, and he can't concentrate on his 'Fortnite' game because I am howling with almost continuous laughter! He keeps shouting at me to shut up but I can't. But worse, it has brought the prankster out in me. We have 2 remote controls in the lounge, so when he's on the Xbox with his headsets on, I sneak around the corner, behind him, and turn his sound off, then dash upstairs. After doing it about 10 times, he chases me around and gets the remotes off me. But what he doesn't know is that I have another 3rd remote hidden in my bedroom! So after a while, whilst he's sat on the other 2 remotes, I turn his sound off again, to his total bafflement. So far, he's not sussed me out and is so confused. Snigger.

Thursday 27th January 2022

Just had a phone call from someone obviously very medically vulnerable and scared of catching Omicron whilst getting a passport photo taken here. My advice for anyone scared is to come in at 11am when we open up, as we will have had a 'UV3 Ozone' lamp on after closing the shop the previous day, so you will be coming into a sterile environment with only either me or John attending. The only hazard you may face at that time of the morning is one of us if we've not had enough coffee before work and are grumpy!

Wednesday 19th January 2022

Come view our 2022 collection of 'troop london' bags!


Wednesday 12th January 2022

You know how Facebook brings up random anniversary posts? Well this one popped up from 13 years ago,... totally baffled!! Haunted teabag??!


Tuesday !4th December 2021

This last year, we have seen quite a big change in the type of binoculars people are buying. The sale of 32mm binos has overtaken the sales of traditional 42mm pairs. That's probably gobbledy-gook to most people! To explain simply, 32mm  and 42mm are the diameter of the outer glass. Generally, the bigger the number, the more light they let in. The bigger the number, the physically bigger and heavier they are too. People now prefer the smaller binos (32mm, eg 8x32's), but the coatings on binoculars are so good nowadays, that for most people they are good enough for what they need, and prefer a more portable lighter weight binocular. In response, we have expanded our range of 32mm binos, from £79 to £339.

Pop in and see for yourself!   

Wednesday 8th December 2021

If you have a film in your camera but are not sure how to rewind it, please call in and we will do it for you, plus put a new film in it for you if wanted. We can then also develop and print the film for you.

Saturday 13th November 2021

When we book 35mm films in for processing, we often get left the empty cannisters. We collect them for people who want them for lots of different uses (eg: keeping seeds in; spices and herbs when travelling/camping etc). So if you need any, call in and grab some off us for free.


Tuesday 9th November 2021

We are now offering a professional film processing service for 35mm colour, slides and black and white films.  This  professional service is ideal for weddings, studio portraiture and glamour photography or where flesh tones and colour consistency are paramount. This service is specifically recommended for all professional and specialist C41 process films. All prints are individually assessed and then corrected to produce optimum results. Prints are available on gloss or satin matt paper surface. Available print sizes are: 6"x4", 7.5"x7, 6"x9", and 12"x8".

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

We can't emphasize enough the importance of the quality of 35mm analogue film developing. Which is why we use 'Peak Imaging', whom we have an account with. It should be cheaper accessing them through us, than posting them off yourself (as they charge £4.50 delivery). The problem with cheaper in-house processors is that it can result in inconsistency of quality, negs scratched, poor printing with haphazard results. Often people blame their camera, or poor film, when cheap processing is the culprit. Believe us, we know, having been doing this for over 35 years! You DO get what you pay for. Our service is not the cheapest but if you want consistently brilliant results, here we are!

Saturday 23rd October 2021

We have a new loupe/viewing aid in stock. The Opticron The Opticron 57107 Pocket folding inspection magnifier is suitable for close up inspection of plants & insects as well as reading a variety of small print documents.

Manufactured using a 3 element fully coated glass lens for optimum resolution and colour correction, the model features 6 LED lights for effective illumination in low light.
An additional UV light source provides the ability to view fluorescent properties in stamps, banknotes, flora and fauna. £29.99. Great for checking your forgeries.


Saturday 16th October 2021

What to do on a quiet Saturday at work? Ring my son and take a load of 'Messenger' photos!


Saturday 9th October 2021

We have a new DSLR bag in stock, to fit a DSLR small to meduim sixed DSLR camera, also suitable for micro 4/3rds cameras. Made by Dick Smith, it is £24.99. No appropriate emojis.. titter...


Wednesday 6th October 2021

You can drop 35mm/120mm analogue films off for developing, any time Tuesdays -Saturdays, 11am - 4pm. However, if you need help and advice on any aspect of 35mm film photography/questions about your 35mm or medium format camera and equipment/darkroom problems etc, then it's best to come in on a Thursday or Friday and pick boss Johns' brains. With over 35 years experience with film cameras and darkroom printing, they are very knowledgeable brains indeed! He is very happy to help anyone with his experience, so don't be shy to ask him questions!

We have a new addition to our range of reusable 35mm cameras, the Ilford Sprite 35-11, at £38.99.


Saturday 18th September

I love crisps. I mean, I REALY love crisps. But I do not love the packet of Walkers 'Chicken Burrito' crisps I opened this morning. As I don't like burritos, I don't know why I was surprised/disappointed to find I don't like burrito flavoured crisps either, DOH! A senior moment I suspect.

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Had a cracking day in Bridlington on Saturday: 22 degrees and sunny all day, how lucky were we? Good job I took bottles of mineral water and a bowl for Bear Dog, as he got very hot and thirsty, racing over the sand chasing his tennis ball.


Thursday 19th  August 2021

Me and my !0 year old son have had a few cheap day trips to Bridlington and Cleethorpes this last few weeks, when it's only around £22 in total for us both, booking single journeys with a Railcard, it's a no-brainer that it's LOADS cheaper than staying in a B+B or hotel.

BUT, I would pass on this advice, which came at our personal price - Don't take the table seat opposite the toilet, even if it is the only table seat available on the whole train. Why? Not for obvious possible smell issues, but because when we sat there for 2 hours, virtually every passenger who visited the toilet gave us a running commentary afterwards about it's diminishing levels of cleanliness! In the end I got the train woman to lock the flippin' toilet 'cos we were sick of having complaints thrown at us!

Saturday 14th August 2021

I am clearly not a well-travelled passenger when it comes to getting a train. A trip to Cleethorpes yesterday nearly ended in tears, but my son saved the day when he piped up with: "Mum, why does it say Leeds on the display inside the train?". I shrieked, grabbed him, and ran to the doors, and we got out in the last few seconds before the doors were locked and it pootled off to Leeds! Our train had been delayed 20 minutes, and I'd just assumed the next one must be ours, doh.

Son     VR

Tuesday 3rd August 2021

You know how Facebook has a habit of throwing up random anniversary memories from your past posts? Well yesterdays was:

8 years ago on 30th July was my sons first wee in a potty!


Tuesday 13th July 2021

My son stayed up until 11.15pm on Sunday night to watch the Euro finals with me. During which he spent most of it watching 'Youtube' on my phone, then declared that the England team are rubbish. And was dumfounded when I cried when we lost the match. Remind me NOT to invite him to watch the World Cup next year. A career in football is not on the cards for him then eh?


Tuesday 6th July 2021

New in stock today!


This action camera is  realy lightweight so you can attach it to nearly anything with the included mounts and you will hardly notice its presence. That is, until you watch your footage in razorsharp Full HD image quality. It will immerse you in the thrill of the moment, over and over again. Having on-board Wi-Fi connectivity, this action camera allows for convenient control, right from your smartphone or tablet.

For full specs, see here.

Saturday 3rd July 2021

We've been asked more and more for filed lenses/loupes recently, due to the lockdown nations' increasing interest in all things nature. From £12.50 to £19.99, you can now call in and see a few.

57100  57102  57103  57519

Saturday 15th May 2021

Parking around here can be an absolute nightmare at times, although on Hickmott road the parking bays have a maximum of 2 hours stay, so there are quite often parking spaces free. Press the green button to get 20 minutes of free parking, or pay to stay up to 2 hours. The pay station is very near to the junction with Ecclesall road.

Otherwise, I suggest that you maybe park in the car park in Berkeley precinct on Ecclesall road. But beware that you stick to its rules, or else face a parking fine - you can park for one hour free of charge, but if you think you will take longer, pay at the parking station when you enter the car park, to stay for up to 2 hours. It also has a 'no returns' rule of about 8 hours.

NB: You CANNOT park for one hour for free, and then decide to stay longer and then register your car - it has to be done as soon as you enter the car park!

New in today: National Geographic walkie-talkies £36.99:


 A 2 piece set with a large range up to 6 km and free hand mode. Powerful, handy and lightweight!

Tuesday 27th April 2021

To add to our collection of weird fruit and veg, here's the latest find in Aldi!

rude1  Add your own caption lol!

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Today is my first day back at work since December! I've been a bit of a nervous wreck to be honest - having spoken to my other local shop workers, they too report that they found it very anxious coming back after this lockdown. 

My bosses idea of a joke: What a wind-up merchant!


Bizarrely, remember the 2020 covid toilet roll panic buying? Well I've just run out of the March 2020 stock, almost a year to the day that I stock piled it!

Wednesay 3rd February 2021

What a rollercoaster of a day yesterday: Not only was the home schooling more 'challenging' than usual, but later on the day found me crying into my stir- fry over Captain Sir Toms' death by covid. 

'Kevin the Carrot', found in a bag of Aldi-purchased carrots, is going a bit rubbery and looking the worse for wear. We will miss him dreadfully, having watched him gracefully decompose over the last 3 weeks. Any non-Aldi shoppers will be baffled by this blog entry LOL.

kev    "Ooo, I need a wee!"

As of 5th January 2021, we regret that due to the 3rd Covid-19 'National Lockdown', as a non-essential shop we have to close untill Boris Johnson allows us to open again. Keep safe folk, we will miss you!


Thursday 26th November 2020

Bear dog enjoyed his birthday yesterday, although he was miffed that the humans didn't let him eat the cake!


Tuesday 17th November 2020


Saturday 31st October 2020

Only £3.99 for a Summit SD and Micro SD memory card holder.  

They have an impact resistant hard shell, and hold 4x SD Cards and 4 Micro SD cards. We have them in four colours - grey, light green, yellow, and red, in lovely pastel shades. Each case has a quick release hanging hook.

sd summit

Saturday31st July

My son painted me a slate heart to proudly display in my covid-19 succesfull garden project. Awwww!


Saturday 4th July 2020

I'm BACK!!!!


My first days work since lockdown. I'm here until 3pm today, then John will be in the shop on Tuesday and Thursday 11am until 4pm.

Please pop your head in the door and say hello if you' are passing by!

Monday 30th March 2020

My son made me laugh yesterday when he said: "Mummy, I hope that the animal which infected the first person in China has been shot!". I said I was sure it would be dead by now, so my son then had an imaginary rant at the dead animal: "I hate you! Look what you've done to the world you stupid animal!" I replied for the animal:"Oops, sorry everyone! Left a bit of a mess behind me..."

Saturday 21st March 2020

We are aware, from our Chinese friends in this country, that they have been subjected to hate comments due to coronovirus. We find this abhorrent! We wish to assure every Chinese visitor to our shop that they are totally welcome and to have no fear in our shop!

Saturday 14th March 2020

Managed to park my car outside work today...

jens car

Friday 28th February 2020

Both me and John  have worked in this shop for between 29 and 35 years! So we both have first-hand skills and knowledge from our years of helping people with their film cameras, developing and printing etc.

Please call in for the simplest of problems and help- from putting a film in your camera for you; taking it out at the end so that the film isn't damaged if you are unsure how to do it; for advice on camera settings; or booking your film in for processing etc.

Old photo needing restoration? Ripped, damaged? NO problem! Drop it off at Sheffield Photo, 18 Hickmott Rd S11 8QF. From £4.00, and takes approx. 5 days!


Friday 31st January 2020

Totally creeped out by this mouse mask my son made, complete with moveable eyes!


Saturday 11th January 2020

Stand still in certain areas of Sheffields' 'Botnical Gardens', S11, and this is what may happen!


Saturday 23rd November 2019

Please have a look at my Instagram  photos!


Saturday 16th November 2019

Our film processing service has realy taking off recently. The result of great prices for a top quality professional-quality service, and great prices on 35mm film in the shop. Though you may get cheaper film dev prices locally, if you want a consistantly brilliant developing service, use us.. you do get what you pay for! Drop a film off and it is returned to us betweeen 5 and 7 days later. Done by a professional laboratory who collect from us, and deliver back. So no fears of films being lost in the post!

We also handle Holga, Lomo, Dianna films etc! Plus 120mm rolls, E6 slide film processing etc.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a service to print out your documents onto A4 general use, smooth white printer paper.

Document can be brought into us on a USB (virus checked) stick, or emailed to us at:
First sheet costs 0.45p, and any extra sheets charged at 0.20p a sheet. Double sided not done.
Suitable for: Returns labels for online purchases; CV's; letters; any other general printing requirements!


Nothing like a good selfie with the family! 



































































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