Will S-W

MARCH 2024

(Last updated 22.5.24)

Will is from Sheffield, and is in his mid 30's. 


He is a prolific poster of images on Instagram, and uses a wide variety of films, which is why I asked him if he'd be willing to share some info with us here:

Orwo Wolfen NC400 colour 35mm


Will: "I thought the Orwo was quite an interesting film stock! I think it's definitely one for fans of an older and grainier look than you might find in a lot of the modern Kodak films." 


"I think it would probably benefit from a little over exposure too, as there were a couple which my meter showed were exposed correctly for but came out quite desaturated. I didn't get much of a chance to do anything like this but I think the grainier look could also produce some interesting results for portrait photography."



Ilford XP2 400 ISO film


Will says: "This was taken at Saltaire Mills on Ilford XP2, which I think is a really underrated film for general purpose black & white shooting, especially on a bright day like this."

Lomochrome Color '92 400 ISO film


"This was taken on Lomo ’92 last autumn in Leeds. I really loved how the water caught the light in this scene of something going terribly wrong in a hotel." *(1.)

Ilford Delta 400 ISO film


"This is from the 'Haxey Hood' *(2.) in Linconlshire, a traditional game played every year that’s a bit like a more violent ancestor of football and rugby, and was taken on Ilford Delta 400."

Lomochrome Color '92 400 ISO film


"Another shot taken on Lomo ’92 in Leeds. More and more I’m interested in capturing scenes with human interest and drama to them more than pure landscapes and I was really happy with how this one turned out." *(3.)

Fujifilm Superia film (expired)


"Another one from Saltaire taken on expired Fujifilm Superia. I’ve really enjoyed every Fuji film I’ve shot with – I think the way they render blues and greens are much better suited to British scenes than some Kodak films which tend to skew towards reds/browns/yellows we don’t really get with our geography compared to the US. It’s a shame that Fuji stock is so hard to come by at the moment."

Lomochrome Purple colour film





"These were both taken on Lomochrome Purple. I know a lot of people regard the purple and turquiose as 'novelty' films, but each time I've used Purple I've been realy happy with how some of them have turned out, especially the mushroom shot".

Fujicolour 200 ISO film


"This was taken on Fujicolor 200 whilst I was people-watching on a ferry in Istanbul. I was really pleased with how it handled this contrasty scene."

Flic Elektra 100 ISO film



"This was also taken in Istanbul, on Flic Film Elektra 100. This is my favourite colour film by far, I love the soft but vivid colours you get out of it. Just a shame we only get a few months a year where 100 speed film feels appropriate."

Lomography Lomochrome 800 ISO film


The above was taken at Wardsend Cemetery near Hillsborough, on Wills' Yashica Mat medium format camera. *(5.)

Will - a few questions!

Any childhood influences on your current photography?

"I remember getting some kind of point and shoot camera from my parents for Christmas one year as a child and taking it on family walks. I’d love to know what model it was and dig up some of the photographs I took now to look back on them, but I think both are probably lost to time now. After that though I was growing up as cheaper digicams and then smartphones were becoming a thing so I lost touch with film photography for many years."

What excites you about film photography Will? "What I got bored of with taking photos with my smartphone was how quick and disposable the photos would feel. You could knock out tens of photos in a couple of minutes if you really wanted, but how many did I ever find myself returning to or appreciating in the future? Very few. What I appreciate about film is the opportunity to slow down and practice something more intentional with my photography. It can be days or in some cases weeks between me having an idea of something I want to shoot, and then going through the process of deciding what camera to use, what film, the actual process of shooting it and then finally development. By the time I have a finished photograph I’m much more invested in what I’ve produced than previously when I was shooting digital."

Your prediction for the future and lengevity of film useage?

"I think it's really heartening seeing companies like Pentax re-enter the film camera market, It gives me hopethat there is a sustainable future for this hobby."

Will, what do you think Sheffield is missing with regards to film camera users?

"Relating to film camera users, what I think Sheffield missing: It would be great if we had some kind of community darkroom, like Aire Street Darkroom in Leeds. I feel like we’re well supplied for with shops and places to get film developed, but somewhere that brought together photographers in Sheffield as a community would be fantastic."

What's good about Sheffield Will?

"Besides the shops and the good availability of film here in Sheffield - having the Peak District on our doorstep is easy to take for granted but really such a useful resource for photographers."

Your favourite camera to date?

"It has to be my Olympus OM1N is my absolute favourite, just an incredibly versatile and durable bit of kit. Mine is a hand-me-down from my dad. Otherwise the two others I use the most are an Olympus XA2 as I like to have a little point and shoot on me for when I’m out and about normally, and them my Yashica Mat for medium format photography."

Will, how do you share your images?

"At the moment primarily through Instagram, though I'm always keeping my eyes open for opportunities to have my photos printed and exhibited in real life. I would realy value that as an opportunity. I'd also love to put together a zine *(4) someday when I have a body of photographs that justifies it"

Want to see more images that Will has shot? Who wouldn't do - I love seing his regular additions to his Instagram account. See more here: WSWanalogue).

Jens thoughts

*(1) I realy love how atmospheric this shot is, and the lighting captured. But, are you too wondering what the terrible water disaster is at the hotel that Will caught in action? Could it be:

- Lazy chamber maid emptying bedpan/potty?

- A pigeon died mid-air and crashed, dead, into the hotel guttering, causing a leak. 

Any other guesses? Send answers in on a postcard

*(2). If you too are baffled as to what 'Haxey Wood' is about, read this.  

*(3) I love drama shots too Will! There's been pleanty of phot drama in 'Sheff Photo' with me and John over the years, pratting about with cameras occasionally, but those picsare not publishable lol. 


*(4) I had to contact Will as I thought maybe 'zine' was a predictive text error! But he explained: "A zine is any kind of DIY self-published magazine or booklet. You get zines for all kinds of interests, music scenes are a big one, but there's a thriving world of people self publishing their photographs too." 

*(5.) This is my favourite shot: I love the colours, the composition, infact everything about it.

Thanks Will

Great shots as usual! Looking forward to updating this page for Will hopefully over the months.

Ive given Will a roll of Wolfen Color NC500 film to shoot, as he's not tried it before. He will hopefully send us some images from that film to upload here.