Margo O


MARCH 2024

My name is Margo, I’m 24 and moved to England about a year ago. I was born in Australia and stumbled across lil ole sheffield on my travels and never left ! 

I don’t really have many photos of myself as I usually just like to capture others and the people in my life ! But here’s a silly self portrait of me and my beautiful best friend (I’m on the left): *(1)


This was a photo I took of my sister when we were getting ready to head out, I just love the way she’s looking to the camera:


My gorgeous partner posing for me on my busted up balcony. It sounds silly but I love how English this whole photo looks it’s what I imagined England to be like:


These two were captured somehwere in Berlin at a massive park. The name has escaped me:




Back in Aus, made the pals jump in the middle of the road to lay under the light display. It was a point 'n' pray moment, and I really do love this photo:



Second time seeing snow ever! I am sucker for graveyards so it was a no brainer to head to the graveyard while it’s snowing: 


These were taking in Scotland if you look closely there’s a highland cow in the middle of the road:



First time using black and white film, thought this was a silly photo but I love everything about it:


A lot of my photos are of my friends as I just love capturing their beauty and creating those timeless memories:


Another example of my point and pray method, capturing the lovely Any Old Iron at one of their gigs. Even through the photo is blurry I love the colour that came from the lights:



Margo faces the 'Sheffield Inquisiton'

What excites you about film photography?

"The thing that really excites me about film and really the reason I started taking photos was the idea of just being able to capture my life and experiences and having hard copies to hold onto to share with others as you can’t trust phones these days, so I put my trust in a shoebox filled with my film prints from over the years. 

I do admire and really really appreciate  a good photo, however my film  journey has been more of a point, pray and hope it turns out alright. That’s ok for me because it’s capturing memories.

How did chidhood influences affect your photo choices of today?

"I got the shoebox idea from my parents who, when we were  kids, would whip out the old shoebox of film and look back at photos from their lifves, and I just loved that" *(4.)

Naughty confession time?

"I will admit I have spent most my years taking film on the cheapest roll of film I can get my hands on and most of my cameras have been gifted to me! (I have bought 2)." 

What cameras have you used?

"The camera that I’m using at the moment is a Nikon lite touch zoom and I love it. Certainly does the job and the photos turn out beautiful, I’ve recently started use to black and white film with this camera." 

Favourite camera?

"My favourite camera was a Minolta AF-E from the 80’s it was my first camera I bought and I loved it." 

What's your choice of music Margo?

"I stick with a lot of stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. The Doors, Led Zeppelin for example, but I listen to a whole bunch of genres depending on the day."

Have you a favorite TV film?

"Favourite film is a hard one as there'sso many goodies. I recently watched 'Enter The Void' which I would highly recommend. If you're up for a super-whaky film from the '70's, watch 'The Holy Mountain'. It's definatley the strangest film I've ever seen". 

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My tag for my Instagram is @moveslikejagrr 

Jens thoughts

*(1.) Both beautiful, Margo!

*(2.) Love the colours - wonder what film it was taken on... will ask!

*(3.) Live life on the edge, love it lol

*(4.)  My family also enjoyed getting the projector out when we were kids, and viewing the family pics/slides on a big screen in the lounge at night. Which graduated to photos and photo albums later on.