Emma S

April 2024

Emma is 24 years old, and has lived in Sheffield for the last seven years.

emma s

Portrait of Emma.


"This was taken on my Pentax ME Super camera in Provincetown, USA, in 2017. I'm unsure of the film. I loved all the colourful buildings, and how vibrant the town was, and I think this photo particularly reflects that. (I don’t think I had my DPI on the right settings when I scanned this nearly 7 years ago as the physical photo is much crisper)" *(3)


This was taken on my Pentax Espio 738G, on a university trip in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. My friend wore a red scarf the whole trip and it made all the photos I took with her in pop. She ended up being in most of the roll. (Again, definitely never checked the DPI when scanning this, only realising all these years later).


Taken on my Pentax Espio 738G, another photo from my time in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. This is was accidentally unfocused but I really love how it turned out. It rained for a lot of the trip and I think something about it being blurry kind of captures the atmosphere.


Taken on my Pentax Espio 738G again. This was taken on Christmas Day 2021, my brothers brand new kitten (named Beans) sleeping on his chest on Christmas Day. Just something nice and tender about this photo, so I just really love it.


This was taken in January 2023, on my Dad’s 60th birthday, on a Pentax Espio that has gradually gotten worse in even light conditions over time, so the quality of the colours and low light in this were a happy accident and I think they give it a really nice quality.



I took this on an Olympus MJU II, 2023. It's my friend, who I visited regularly at the old cafe she used to work at which is no longer open anymore. I’m always drawn to taking candid photos of friends, something lovely about capturing a specific time in people’s lives  that you’ll always have to look back on. The cafe also was all pink and had a disco ball inside reflecting nice specs of light on the walls.

emma s

Polaroid 600 Film taken on Polaroid Impulse AF. Summer 2023, photo of my brother. This was one of my first few batches of Polaroid film and it can be so unpredictable but this one captured a hot summery day nicely.




Taken on my Olympus MJU II (Kodak Gold or Ultramax, I can’t remember which)at Glastonbury Festival, 2023. An energetic folk band called ‘Old Time Sailors’ took to a band stand the day before the music officially started. It was a very hot 30 degree day and everyone was sat down having a rest. Old Time Sailors started playing and got everyone involved even in the sweltering heat. Everyone started dancing and skipping around with each other and it was one of the most memorable acts of the weekend.*(4)


Another taken on my Olympus MJU II, with Kodak Gold film. The canal back where I grew up at sunset with a swan gliding directly down the middle. Was really pleased with how the lighting came out in this one.


My Olympus MJU II camera again, with Kodak Gold film in,  Spring 2024. Inhaling wild garlic in Endcliffe Park *(2) whilst foraging on a beautiful day at the start of another Spring. And again I really love how the light falls here.

Emma faces the 'Sheffield Inquisition'

Emma, where are you from originally?

"I'm originally from Buckinghamshire"

Which films do you use?

"I’m really not sure what film a majority of these  images were taken on -  I think maybe definitely all Kodak (maybe not the 2017-2019 ones - they’re possibly some variation of Fuji film). I go for whatever you have in the shop really *(1) so I think they’re mostly Kodak Gold, maybe a few are Portra 400, but I have no clue which is which, sorry!"

What types of images do you usually find yourself taking?

"I really mainly just use film cameras for taking photos of friends and family to put in a photo album and look back on, so the majority of these particular shots are portraits - sorry for the lack of variation haha!" 

What childhood experiences shaped your current photography?

"Childhood influences regarding photography: Mostly my parents. One of my favourite things to do has always been flipping through their photo albums from when they lived in America or travelled around Europe or looking at photos of them when they were at university. I like that there is something much more intentional and communal about flipping through a photo album together and telling stories rather than scrolling back through your camera roll on your phone."

Relating to film camera users, what is Sheffield missing? 

"Maybe a film camera club or something? My friend runs a girls camera club in Bristol where they meet up, go on shoots together, have exhibitions, go on photo walks, have instagram takeovers with local photographers (largely film based) etc and it seems like a great community to have." *(5)

What do you think is good about Sheffield? 

"I know I’m stating the obvious but all the green spaces. I’m from the countryside so it’s the perfect mix of city and green spaces for me."

Which cameras have you used and how did you rate them?
A Ricoh XR-M was my first non-disposable film camera I tried and used it for an A-Level art project and it was great! No complaints, a really great SLR.
My Pentax ME- takes the most beautiful photos but I don’t use it very regularly  because I forget how to work it every time. So whenever I do I feel quite intimidated. *(7)
Pentax Espio 738G - loved it when I started using it but when I used the zoom the photos would be misaligned and gradually deteriorated quality in low light settings or even perfectly light settings eventually.
Olympus MJU II - so great in low light, tiny so easy to take with you wherever you go, and the fact it was 50p automatically makes it my favourite as I love a bargain
Polaroid Impulse AF - started off great but recently stopped working and I’m not sure why yet.

The favourite film camera Emma? 

"My favourite camera is the one I’m currently using which is an Olympus MJU II, mainly because I got it for 50p at a jumble sale in Hathersage. It’s the best second hand purchase I’ve ever made and works flawlessly, in amazing condition. It also works really well in low light, is so really compact and takes great photos."

Your music of choice?

"I like listening to a wide range of music but I'm regularly popping on Radio 6 Music while I work as I love discovering new artists / bands and listening to a variety of genres throughout the day. But some artists/bands I have on repeat right now include Kraftwerk, Confidence Man, Anna B Savage , Fever Ray, Alabaster DePlume, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Steely Dan, CMAT, Talking Heads, Ezra Collective and Neil Young."

Favourite local place to eat out? 

"I love Pina in Kelham Island or going to Tonco Bakery *(6) for a quick pastry or sit down lunch."

Your favourite Films? 

"In true Letterboxd style, my four favourites are 'La Haine', 'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On', 'Billy Elliot' and 'Little Women' (2019 version)."

How are you sharing your photos? 

"I am mainly putting them in photo albums but occasionally I’ll post my favourites on Instagram."

Social Media Links?
"I don’t really have anywhere that I publicly post film photography, but if you fancy looking at some silly *(8) drawings I post my freelance work over on @edogdraws (Twitter) or edogdraws (Instagram)"

Jens thoughts

*(1) A canny customer, lol!

*(2) Remind me not to get too close.. pooh! Garlic breath!

*(3) I love the colours and vibe of this shot. That's probably a realy un-cool comment, but my age has to be taken into account. 'Cool' is probably not cool now either. Why don't I just dig myself a hole now and jump in it! Remind me not to apply for any photo critique jobs in the future.

*(4) Emma realy caught the energy of the moment here - I can almost feel I'm there too.

*(5) Great idea - someone start one here in Sheffield.

*(6) Josh S, my first film user victim, also rated Tonco Bakery on Sharrowvale road.

*(7) Come in the shop with it, and me or John will help you with it!

*(8) Definatley NOT silly drawings - they're great!